Yoga For Seniors – Improve Balance and Strength

Yoga for seniors

Yoga is a low impact exercise routine with many quality of life benefits for seniors. You’ll reduce stress, improve balance, strengthen your bones and much more. Here’s some of the most important benefits, and a yoga for seniors workout list you can try.

Benefits Of Yoga


Improving balance isn’t something most 20-30 year olds take seriously. As you get older, however, the more obvious and necessary the benefits become. Improving both flexibility and balance can help prevent serious injury from falls or a loss of balance.

If you’ve never tried yoga some of the poses will feel awkward, but it won’t take more than a few sessions to begin noticing improvement with your overall balance.


A loss of muscle mass, bone density, and strength is a normal aging process. You may not be able to train like an Olympic athlete anymore, but you can help slow the aging process by improving functional strength.

Yoga won’t build muscle mass to the same degree as resistance training, but it does build strength where it matters most for seniors. Your legs and core, which are needed for improved stability, get a great workout from yoga.

Bone Density

As mentioned above, a loss of bone density is a common experience as we age. Yoga is often recommended as a way to prevent fractures due to loss of balance, and falls. But some studies have also shown yoga helps strengthen and improve bone density.

Certain poses require you to support your body weight for extended periods of time. The resistance may not seem like much, but it’s enough to help improve bone density when practiced regularly.

Yoga For Seniors Workout List

Workout #1 – Yoga With Adriene

Workout #2 – Joanna Soh Official

#3 – The Mat Project

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Yoga for seniors

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