Yoga For Back Pain – Best Poses For Fast Relief

Yoga for back pain

Written by – Lower back pain is one of the more unpleasant problems someone can experience. It affects your work and social life, and can make something as simple as breathing feel like torture. Using yoga for back pain can help decompress your spine, and reduce some of the stress you’re experiencing.

Why Yoga Works For Back Pain


The shooting pain down your spine is a physical reminder of your current condition but many don’t realize the psychological affect stress has on back pain.

Back injuries are also a source of stress and anxiety, as your day-to-day activities become more challenging. Your brain may “wire”, or associate back pain, stress, and emotions with pain.

When you feel stress, your brain will then send out the associated pain signal from your injury. Some yoga poses can help reduce stress and anxiety without making your back pain worse.


When your back is hurting, your initial response is usually to move less to limit the pain. While this is a logical response, it’s not the most effective way to ease your pain. You’ll want to stretch regularly to help loosen muscles, strengthen your back, and reduce stiffness.

Yoga can help loosen your back muscles, and reduce back pain by lengthening and decompressing the spine.

Low Impact

Let’s be honest, if you’re struggling to stand upright to brush your teeth because of back pain, there’s not a lot of exercise choices on the table. You’ll want an activity that stretches your spine, and improves blood flow, without forcing you to bite down on your tongue from pain.

Yoga For Back Pain Routines

Workout #1

Workout #2


Best Yoga Poses For Back Pain

If you don’t have time for a full 15 minute routine, and just want to get in a quick stretch, these are the best yoga poses for back pain.

Downward Facing Dog

Sphinx Pose

Cat Cow

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Yoga for back pain

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