Workouts That Burn 1,000 Calories Or More

1000 calorie workout

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1,000 calorie workouts are for a specific kind of person. You’re usually an overachiever, need to be first in line, and you jump into the pool without checking how cold it is. You want to get things done, now. If you’re that kind of person, and you want to reach your fitness goals as quickly as possible, then this list workouts that burn 1000 calories is what you’ve been looking for.

How Much Weight Will You Lose?

If you’re in a hurry to lose body fat, cardio exercise is pretty much mandatory. Strength, and weight, training are excellent for long term fitness goals but cardio is the key to short term rapid fat loss.

So how much weight will you lose if you start mixing in 1,000 calorie workouts?

To burn off one pound of body fat, requires a deficit of 3,500 calories. So completing three 1,000 calorie workouts would burn off one pound of body fat. Keep in mind this is only counting the increase in calorie expenditure. If you’re also creating a calorie deficit from meals, you’d lose more than one pound.

Burn Out

Most 1,000 calorie workouts will take 45-60 minutes to reach the targeted calorie range, so this isn’t something most people will want to do everyday. It isn’t unusual for someone to try a 1,000 calorie workout for a few straight days, and burn out completely.

It’s better to mix in these high calorie workouts 2-3 times per week to allow for an ample recovery period.

Workout #1

Length: 45 min
Equipment: Light Dumbbells
Type Of Exercises: Boxing, Kickboxing, Core & Abs

Workout #2

Length: 37 min
Equipment: None
Type Of Exercises: Boxing, Kickboxing

Workout #3

Length: 65 min
Equipment: Dumbbells, Flat Bench
Type Of Exercises: Kickboxing, Weight Training

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Workout #4

Length: 68 min
Equipment: Light Kettlebell
Type Of Exercises: Plyometrics, Core & Abs

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Workout #5

Length: 45 min
Equipment: Sandbag
Type Of Exercises: Plyometrics, Interval Training

Workout #6

Length: 90 min
Equipment: Exercise Ball
Type Of Exercises: Plyometrics

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1000 calorie workout

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