Workout To Tone Your Arms Fast

tone your arms fast

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Everyone’s fitness goals are a little different. Some want to have thick, bulging muscle mass and others just want to look toned and athletic.

If toning your arms is one of your primary goals, you’ll want to use lighter weights and focus on reaching a higher rep range to achieve the needed state of fatigue. Here’s a simple plan to help tone your arms fast.

How To Tone Without Bulking

– Use light to moderate weight
– Use short rests between sets
– Exercise to muscle fatigue
– Reduce sugar consumption
– Reduce total carbohydrates
– Stay in a caloric deficit

Superset Routine

Complete the following exercises consecutively without resting. The sequence of exercises allows you to alternate the focus between the biceps and triceps, giving them a temporary recovery period.

When you reach fatigue on the first exercise immediately start the next exercise on the list. All four exercises chained together comprise one giant “superset”.

Use light weights that will allow you to get at least 12 reps with each exercise before moving on.

1) Arnold Press (Biceps/Shoulders)
2) Medicine Ball Pushups (Triceps)
3) Dumbbell Curls (Biceps)
4) Bench Dips (Triceps/Shoulders)

After completing a superset, rest for 60 seconds and repeat three more times.

Benefits Of Supersets

– Your workouts are dramatically shorter
– You reach a deep state of fatigue
– Allows you to easily change your routine every week by including new exercises

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How To Do Each Exercise

Arnold Press

Medicine Ball Push Ups

Dumbbell Curls

Bench Dips

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