Why You Should Be Doing Supersets

exercise supersets

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by Healthoria.com – When most people are interested in losing weight, or getting in better shape, they consider increasing the exercise duration or frequency of trips to the gym every week.

You can also increase your calories burned every week by increasing the intensity of each workout.

Focusing on the intensity can actually shorten your workouts, and burn a higher rate of calories. And one of the best ways to raise the intensity of your workout is with supersets.

How To Do A Superset

A superset is when you chain multiple exercises together without resting. It’s a common routine used by bodybuilders and fitness professionals to reach a deep state of muscle fatigue.

Example Exercise Superset For Arms

Barbell Curls (10 reps)
Skull Crushers (10 reps)
Hammer Curls (10 reps)

The above superset alternates muscle group focus from biceps, to triceps, and finally to forearms. After finishing the first exercise you would immediately begin the next, without pausing to rest.

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Calories Burned

Resistance training allows you to target a specific muscle group to increase strength or muscle mass but it’s not ideal for burning calories. This is usually because most resistance training routines have long pauses between sets.

A rest of 60-90 seconds is often needed for muscles to temporarily recover and allow you to complete the next set. This also prevents your heart rate from maintaining the elevated state needed to burn a lot of calories.

You can increase your calories burned, and still reap the benefits of muscle growth by using supersets. Alternating muscle group focus will allow the temporary muscle recovery, but eliminates the 60-90 second pause between sets.

This will help keep your heart rate elevated, and churn through more calories during your workout.

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Exercise Variety

Changing your exercise routine every week isn’t just a good idea to keep from getting bored. It’s also needed to continually progress physically. Your body is an amazing adaptive engine, and it gets used to your behavior incredibly fast.

If, for example, you always use the same weight during an exercise your body will adapt by adding new muscle tissue to complete the exercise without reaching a damaging state of fatigue. This is the basic concept of muscle growth.

Once your body adapts to this behavior, and the weight you’re using, it won’t add new muscle tissue because it’s not necessary. You have to change what you’re doing, either by adding more weight or increasing the intensity.

One of the easiest ways to challenge your body every week, with new routines, is by using supersets with different exercises.

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Shortens Your Workout

Most people don’t want to spend several hours in the gym everyday. Using supersets increases the intensity of your routine, and allows you to accomplish the same volume of work in a shorter amount of time.

Those short 60-90 second pauses between sets, seem pretty insignificant, but the cumulative total of all those pauses can equal 15-30 minutes of just standing around resting.

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