Why Do You Regain Weight After A Diet?

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why do you regain weight after a diet

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Regaining weight after a diet feels like a gut punch while giving birth. Okay, it’s not that dramatic but it is demoralizing and feels incredibly unfair.

You struggled, sacrificed, and met your dieting goals only to regain all of the weight back plus another ten pounds to really rub it in. Why do you regain weight after a diet?

Perception Of “Fixing” Body Fat

The first obstacle to overcome is often psychological and not physical. The perception of how you view yourself, your weight, and the emotions associated with being overweight aren’t always addressed before starting a diet.

When most people start a diet, they establish a fixed time frame, or a certain amount of weight they want to lose. There’s nothing wrong with that, in fact, setting goals is part of the process.

The problem arises from viewing those goals as being “finished”. Meaning, once you lose ten pounds you can go back to eating normally. Two months from now, you can resume those late night pizza binges.

A diet is truly the beginning of changes you make to your lifestyle. It establishes a new normal, a new baseline regarding the way you eat and how you manage your weight.

Instead of viewing your next diet as a start and finish line, view the diet as a door you walk through. On the other side is a thinner, happier you. Once you walk through that door there is no going back.

If you backtrack, resume your previous poor eating habits, you essentially walk back through that doorway and put the weight back on.

Only Short Term Changes

Another problem many have is following a flawed diet philosophy to help them lose weight. This is most common with short term, gimmicky diets involving behavior that is unsustainable long-term.

You know what I’m talking about, right? Ever tried an all grapefruit diet? Or the zero carb, bread is evil diet? These diets do help you lose weight, but they don’t change your long term behavior.

It’s not realistic to expect someone to never eat carbohydrates again. Most people can’t do that. So once the gimmick ends, you go back to what you know. A new, healthier eating pattern wasn’t established. You were doing something that was only temporary and will eventually need to end.

Once that gimmick diet ends, you’re very likely to return to what you feel most comfortable with. That’s the eating pattern and behavior that caused to you to be overweight in the first place.

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Temporary Weight Loss

When this works in your favor you feel amazing, but when the other side of the pendulum swings back in your face it feels incredibly demoralizing.

This usually involves short term water weight that fluctuates based on your drinking habits. When you start a diet, drinking more water is almost always recommended because it aids in digestion, feeling satiated, and overall health.

One of the common benefits of drinking more water is a noticeable drop in body weight as your body sheds water it was retaining. You’re peeing like a champ, drinking like a pro athlete and watching the scale tick lower every morning.

It feels great, right?

But as your water consumption varies so will your water retention and overall body weight. If you skip a few days of consistent inflow of water, the water retention may begin again and your weight rises.

Your weight always seems to rise at just the right time to crush your dreams. You were super good all week, following your eating plan, and exercising vigorously…

But you gained weight!

You start to question the point of all that effort, but this weight fluctuation is actually very normal, and doesn’t mean you’re failing.

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How To Avoid Regaining Weight Again

The most important factor when trying to avoid a yo-yo diet scenario is to be conscious and fully aware of past mistakes. Strike an agreement with yourself, that your next diet represents long term lifestyle changes and not a temporary quick fix.

If you go in understanding and accepting the past is behind you, and there’s no returning to the way you used to eat, all the lost weight will stay off.

You’re fully in control. You’re the deciding factor in how you look and feel. You control the amount of body fat you have with the choices you make.

Choose to make long-term changes, choose to be better than you used to be, and choose to be happier than you’ve ever been.

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