Why Your Boyfriend Plays Video Games – A Lot

by Healthoria.com – The reward you get from spending hundreds of hours playing a video game isn’t always tangible, or even logical. And to many it seems like a complete waste of time. But there are definite reasons why people become immersed in a digital fantasy world, and why it becomes so important. Here’s why your boyfriend plays video games, and what you should do.

It’s An Escape

Unlike real life, games have a very linear and guaranteed progression. You can work 50 hours a week at your job for several years and feel like your life isn’t going anywhere.

Games offer a reward, the carrot on the stick, for your time and effort that many find addicting. If your guy is spending more and more time on video games, it may be an attempt to escape real world problems or disappointment.

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It’s An Ego Boost

A lot of guys turn to games because it’s something they can master. He may struggle, or not enjoy, his real life obligations but thrive in a game that isn’t real. He can be a regular working Joe during the day, but when he fires up his game he’s a god.

And if he’s really good at whatever game he plays, the gaming community will communicate and treat him with a high degree of respect.

Spending hours shooting at pixels on a screen may sound silly, but it helps him find a place where he’s important and on top of the hill.

It’s A Bond

Not everyone that plays video games is a stereotypical loner that struggles with relationships, but many aspects of the stereotype are true. Most will start playing games at an early age, and realize there’s a large community of like minded souls investing hundreds of hours just like them.

The community and social interaction becomes just as important as the game they play. You develop a sense of belonging with a common goal shared by thousands of others.

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What You Should Do

If your boyfriend is a self professed gamer, it will always be part of his life in some capacity. It will become less and less, as his real life commitments increase but he will always be a gamer at heart.

The best thing you can do is find a way to be part of his hobby. Finding a game you both enjoy and can spend hours playing together, can strengthen your bond and reach a better understanding of why it’s so important to him.

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