What Should You Eat In Atkins Phase 4?

What should you eat in phase 4

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Reaching the the fourth phase of the Atkins diet, means you’ve already lost a lot of weight and you’re ready to progress to a less restrictive diet. Instead of sending you off on your own, without any guidance, Atkins utilizes a final phase to help you avoid regaining unwanted weight.

What Is Atkins Phase 4?

The fourth phase of the Atkins diet is considered long term maintenance, intended to help you keep off all the weight you’ve lost. If you’ve progressed to phase 4, it means you’ve lost a considerable amount of weight and you’re likely at your ideal or “goal weight”.

Most people are worry about regaining all their lost weight once they accomplish their goal and stop following the Atkins diet. That’s where phase 4, comes in.

The final phase encourages you to continue utilizing everything you’ve learned from the beginning phases and apply them long term.

You’re no long on an ultra restrictive low carb diet, but you should continue to utilize “carb balance”. This is the number of carbs your body can tolerate each day, without gaining weight.

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Finding Carb Balance

To maintain your long term results, you should continue to track your daily carb consumption and monitor your weight. Using this correlation will help determine your personal carb balance. If you’re gaining weight, reduce your carbs by 20 grams per day until you find an equilibrium.

A common mistake, once you’ve progressed to the final phase, is to stop tracking the carbs you eat each day. This makes it difficult to identify and make needed changes to your meal planning.

Atkins Phase 4 Food List

All of the food from the food lists in the first three phases are allowed in the final phase. The strict carb threshold from earlier phases are replaced with personal limits. You’ll want to use your personal carb balance, as explained above, to determine your daily meal composition.

Here’s the food lists for Phase 1 | Phase 2 | Phase 3

What You Shouldn’t Eat

While there aren’t any foods banned in Atkins phase 4, and you’re free to choose from all food types, you’ll want to avoid eating behavior that caused your initial weight gain.

You can think of the fourth phase as Atkins light, where you’re allowed to eat whatever you want in moderation.

Foods you should continue to eat in moderation:

– Excessive Sugar
– White Bread
– White Rice
– Pastries
– Candy Bars
– Foods Cooked with white flour
– Fruit Juice

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