What Fast Food Breakfast Is Keto Friendly?

Keto fast food breakfast

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Keto is great for weight loss, but it’s not always convenient. When you’re traveling and don’t have prepared meals with you it can get a little frustrating. But you don’t have to wreck an entire day of dieting. If you’re on the road, or in a hurry, and want to know what fast food breakfast is Keto friendly here’s the list.

Keto Fast Food Breakfast Choices

Below is a quick list of low carb breakfast options that are Keto friendly, but you can make almost any breakfast sandwich at any fast food restaurant work with Keto. Unlike burgers and sandwiches served for lunch very few breakfast sandwiches have a high carb sauce.

Most will have egg, meat, cheese, and served on a bun. The overwhelming majority of carbs are in the bun. All you have to do is remove the bun, and bam, you have a fast food Keto breakfast.

Here’s the best fast food choices for breakfast while on the Keto diet.

Taco Bell Breakfast Mini Skillet

If you order this breakfast skillet without the potatoes, it’s one of the better choices especially if you’re on a budget. You get a lot of calories for only a few dollars.

Here’s what it comes with:

– Potatoes (ask to remove)
– Egg
– Nacho Cheese Sauce
– Pico De Gallo

You can also add (upgrade):

– Guacamole
– Sour Cream
– Bacon
– Cheese
– Sausage
– Steak

McDonald’s Sausage & Egg McMuffin (No Bun)

There’s always a McDonald’s within driving distance, and their breakfast McMuffin is one of the more popular sandwiches for an early morning bite.

Removing the bun will still provide 340 calories with only 3 grams of carbohydrates. You can also order a regular Egg McMuffin without sausage but you may need to order two because they only have about 150 calories each without bread.

Starbuck’s Egg Bites

There seems to be Starbucks on nearly every corner these days, and they serve more than just coffee. They have a wide variety of breakfast sandwiches you can order (just remove the bun), and they also have egg bites that seem ready made for Keto.

An order of these egg bites will provide 250-300 calories and about 10 grams of carbohydrates:

– Ham, Cheddar & Peppers Sous Vide Egg Bites
– Bacon & Gruyère Sous Vide Egg Bites

Here’s their full breakfast menu.

Burger King Sausage, Egg, Cheese Croissan’wich (No Bun)

This breakfast Croissan’wich, without the bread, has 280 calories and only 1 gram of carbs. ONE. If you grew up eating whoppers, and you’re a devoted Burger King person this is the best Keto friendly breakfast on their menu.

Check out the full nutrition info here.

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