What Does A Leaky Gut Mean?

A leaky gut is often the cause of common ailments like food allergies, joint discomfort, autoimmune conditions and problems with your metabolism or thyroid. So what does a leaky gut mean? How did you get it and, more importantly, how do you get rid of a leaky gut?

What Does a Leaky Gut Mean?

A leaky gut is a descriptive term for a problem with the lining of your digestive tract. Under normal conditions your digestive tract is an effective filter to prevent particles from passing through that can be harmful.

When you have a leaky gut, it means the lining of your digestive tract is not filtering properly and some particles are passing through that shouldn’t. This can include bacteria, food particles, and toxic waste.

While the symptoms, and effects, of a leaky gut are not dramatic in the initial stages it can lead to more serious problems with your immune system if it’s not treated.

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Leaky Gut Symptoms

– Chronic constipation or diarrhea
– Memory loss
– Fatigue
– Joint pain
– Headaches
– Digestive problems
– Increased acne
– Weight gain
– Bloating
– Food allergies or sensitivities

Leaky Gut Causes


Foods that are known to weaken or, in some cases damage, the lining of your digestive tract include milk, gluten, wheat, rice and soy. Sugar can also cause problems as it aids in the growth of yeast and harmful bacteria that can further damage your gut.


Stress, sleep deprivation, and other unrelated illnesses can contribute to a leaky gut because it weakens your immune system. When you’re in a weakened state, and your immune system is occupied with other problems, it can limit its ability to fight off bad bacteria in your gut.


Toxin exposure can contribute to problems with your digestive system, including a leaky gut. Flouride and chlorine in water, antibiotics, aspirin and pesticide exposure could be part of the problem.

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Leaky Gut Treatments

Treating, and healing a leaky gut, often includes changes to both your diet and behavior. Here’s some things you’ll need to change:

Eat Less

– Sugar
– Dairy
– Grains
– Soy

Eat More

– Sauerkraut
– Kimchi
– Chia Seeds
– Flax Seeds
– Hemp Seeds
– Coconut Oil
– Coconut Kefir

Leaky Gut Supplements

– Probiotics
– L-Glutamine
– Licorice Root
– Digestive Enzymes

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