What Do You Eat On The Eat Stop Eat Diet?

Written by Healthoria.com One of the first questions you should be asking before starting a diet is “what can I eat”. If the food is terrible, you’re unlikely to continue. And one of the main tenets of Eat Stop Eat is the longer you can stay on a diet, the more weight you’ll lose.

Sustainability is a very high priority on the diet.

So which foods can you eat, and what are you supposed to avoid?

Eat Stop Eat Philosophy

While there are general recommendations about the type of foods you should limit, and which foods are unfavorable to fat loss when eaten together, it’s important to remember that Eat Stop Eat isn’t a content diet.

The diet isn’t about counting calories or drastically changing the foods you eat everyday. The food you’re eating right now, today, you’ll likely be allowed to eat on the diet.

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Losing Weight Without Daily Calorie Restriction

At its core, Eat Stop Eat is a once a week diet. You only worry about calories one day a week. You can increase this to twice per week once acclimated to the diet, but no more than twice per week is allowed.

The other 5-6 days have minimal changes to diet content, and meal composition. What you can’t do, however, is go into a calorie surplus. So, while you don’t obsess over calorie restriction during the non-diet days, you absolutely cannot go into a calorie surplus.

You’re asked to just eat regularly during non-diet days, which will include most foods including high-carb and high-fat foods.

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How A Once A Week Diet Works

Eat Stop Eat isn’t a content diet, with drastic changes to the type of food you eat. It’s a structure, and meal timing diet, that tries to influence your natural fat burning mechanisms to help you lose weight.

Instead of asking you to change WHAT you eat, to help you lose weight, Eat Stop Eat asks you to change WHEN you eat. By changing your meal timing you can influence the following fat burning mechanisms:

Metabolic Rate
Insulin Sensitivity
Growth Hormone Secretion
Blood Glucose Levels

It’s these natural responses to when you consume calories that influences your fat loss during the diet, and not the actual food source.

So what can you eat on the Eat Stop Eat diet? Most likely, the same foods you’re eating everyday right now.

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