Weight Watchers Pros And Cons

Weight Watchers pros and cons

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by Healthoria.com -Weight Watchers can be an incredibly effective diet plan, but it’s not perfect and not every person will enjoy their experience. If you’re on the fence, and still trying to decide if the program is right for your lifestyle, here’s a quick list of the most important Weight Watchers pros and cons.

Weight Watchers Pros

Proven Weight Loss System

Most fad diets will lose popularity within a few years. Either because they don’t work, they’re too expensive, or it’s too hard to follow.

Now take into consideration that Weight Watchers was first started in the 1950’s and is still incredibly popular.

Why? Because it works. They’ve also made several changes to their program and point system over the years to keep pace with changing nutrition information.


One aspect of the program that separates it from most other diets, is the support you receive. Very few programs have such a well established support system. There are personal meetings held every week, or you can get support through chatting online, forums and email.

The Weight Watchers community, in general, is often considered to be very helpful and positive with one another.

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Sustained Weight Loss

Weight Watchers is in for the long haul, and hopes to help change your lifestyle. The goal isn’t to help you lose a quick 10 pounds and send you on your way. The goal is to lose weight, help you achieve your personal body weight goal, and maintain your weight loss indefinitely.

One of the benefits of a long term diet, is it helps you adopt eating habits that will benefit your daily choices should you decide to discontinue the Weight Watchers program.

The food rules, calorie tracking, and healthy food swaps you learn while on the program will be helpful for the rest of your life.

Weight Watchers Cons

While incredibly effective, Weight Watchers isn’t perfect, and everyone isn’t going to experience success to the same degree. Here’s some of the diet cons:


It gets expensive, especially if you’re interested in having personal 1-on-1 support. Often, the main reason for discontinuing the diet isn’t a lack of success, it’s the cost associated with the program.

The personal meetings are also an integral aspect of the program, but most are not free.

Weight Loss Can Be Slow

Weight Watchers isn’t a rapid weight loss system. It wasn’t designed this way, and it’s very direct with trying to temper weight loss expectations. It isn’t a crash diet where you can lose twenty pounds in a few weeks.

It’s a long term, sustainable, weight loss plan intended to help you lose weight and keep it off. How much weight can you expect to lose? 1-1.5 pounds per week is a reasonable goal, and very achievable on Weight Watchers.

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Not A “Sexy” Weight Loss Diet

Because Weight Watchers has been around for so long, there are definite expectations and associations with the brand and diet. First, most people will associate the diet with a plan for women.

While it’s very popular with women, and a lot of their marketing is aimed at housewives, it’s not intended to be exclusive to women.

Most guys, however, will be hesitant to tell their buddies they’re on Weight Watchers because many consider it a diet for women.

The other issue is it’s not a “new age” diet. Most twenty year olds are probably going to think of Weight Watchers as a diet their grandparents would use.

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Weight Watchers Pros And Cons

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