Weight Watchers Points – How And Why The System Works

Weight Watchers is one of the more successful diet programs, and has been around for decades. The diet plan, and point system, have been helping people lose weight since the 1950’s.

If you aren’t familiar with the point system, it does seem like a complicated middle man. Just another layer of information trying to help you count calories. But there’s a reason why points are used instead of just tracking calorie totals.

Here’s what you should know about the Weight Watchers points system, and why it’s more successful than just counting calories.

Why Use Weight Watchers Points?

Why not just track calories, right?

While it’s true, the point system is an indirect way to track calories and macro nutrients, it also plays an integral role in long term success. When it comes to losing weight, and keeping it off, the point system is more useful than just regular calories.

Not all calories are equal

The most important reason for using points, instead of just calories, is because your body treats calories differently. Calories from fat, protein, and carbohydrates will interact differently with your hormones and metabolism.

This is why some calories are considered “bad” in relation to others. The point system gives more points to “bad” calories and fewer points to calories less likely to cause weight gain.

Uniform System And Accountability

There’s a well established chain of accountability with Weight Watchers. Whether it’s an app to track calories, personal coaching, or chatting on forums. Everyone is using the same formula, and tracking food in the same way.

This uniform accountability, makes it easier for weight watcher users to help one another.


The point system reinforces the idea of food trade-offs. Foods aren’t banned, and there isn’t a “never eat” list, but there is a trade-off with high calorie foods.

For most people struggling with weight loss, the consequence of eating high calorie foods isn’t always a concrete concept.

You know it’s bad, and you know you shouldn’t eat a lot, but you don’t fully understand how destructive some food can be to your diet.

The point system helps you interpret how bad some food can be. When you realize a small serving of food can take up to 20% of your daily points, you’re more likely to skip it or eat a smaller portion.

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