Weight Loss For Teenagers

Losing weight is tough for everyone. Teens have some advantages, due to their high metabolism and activity levels, but weight loss for teenagers can be more complicated than many realize.

Here’s a simple, but effective, plan designed for teens.

Why Losing Weight As A Teen Gets Complicated

Trying to lose weight as a teenager isn’t as straightforward as many think. You get the common judgments, “you eat too much junk food” or “you sit around on the couch too much”.

But when you break down the necessary changes for weight loss, it’s actually quite complicated for most teens and it can be linked to a common theme: control.

If you tell an adult to change their eating habits, they just stop buying certain foods. Or they’ll go out to eat less often. Not many households are going to hand those decisions to a teenager.

You eat what your parents buy, and go to the restaurants they choose — because let’s face it — they have the credit card.

Teenagers also have to think about transportation to and from a gym, and don’t forget about paying for a gym. With adults it’s mostly about habits that need to be changed.

Teens need to change habits, but they also need help or parental consent to make certain changes.

With that in mind, we’re going to focus on things a teen does control. The decisions they are responsible for, and can change quite easily.

Your Number One Priority: Sugar

Sugar has become a problem for everyone. It isn’t necessarily a teenager issue. The reason so many struggle with sugar intake at a young age, however, is because of the amount of marketing and easy access designed for the younger generation.

Soda machines are sugar dispensers. Morning cereal is a box of sugar. When you check out at the grocery store, all the candy is at eye level — FOR KIDS!

Asking you to completely eliminate every ounce of sugar is unreasonable, and not necessary. But if you’re going to focus on one aspect of your diet and behavior it should be sugar.

You don’t have to count fat calories, or avoid all types of carbohydrates. You just need to take control of one thing right now: Sugar.

Excessive sugar consumption has the power to cause a hormonal chain reaction which can influence fat storage and increase hunger cravings. Limiting or significantly reducing sugar intake can radically change your body weight.

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Don’t Starve Yourself

Your body makes changes, especially your body composition, in small stages. It doesn’t make a sharp change of course overnight. Starving yourself won’t work. You could starve yourself for one day or one week, and it wouldn’t matter.

Once your behavior normalizes, and you start eating again, your body weight will return to it’s normal pre-starvation state.

Trying to starve yourself is a pointless waste of time, so don’t do it.

You Need A New Normal

Your body has a sense of “normal”. This includes your daily calories and daily activities. It’s determined over long periods of time. Think months, not days. If you want to lose weight, and keep it off, you need to establish a new normal over a long period of time.

Eating healthy for one day, then resuming normal habits won’t change your body composition. One week, won’t do it. One month, and you’ll start to notice changes.

When you establish a new normal for both calories and activity, over several months, is when your weight loss becomes sustainable.

You’ve established a new “normal” for yourself at a lower body weight, with less body fat.

Below are a list of recommended changes to your food choices. If you follow the guide for one or two months, you’ll notice significant changes in your body weight, mood, and skin complexion.

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Eat Less Of This

It may sound counter intuitive to eat less fruit, because it is incredibly healthy but fruit isn’t weight loss food because of the calories and sugar. Fruit will always be a better choice compared to chips or a candy bar, but you’ll be disappointed with your weight management if you’re eating fruit all day.

One or two pieces of whole fruit (not canned), is what you want each day.

Reduce Or Eliminate Your Portion Of These Foods

– Pasta, Spaghetti
– White Rice
– White Bread
– Pastries, Brownies, Cakes
– Butter
– Mayonnaise
– Cheese
– High Sugar Cereals

Avoid These Snacks

– Potato Chips
– Candy
– Sugary Drinks

Eat More Of These Foods

– Chicken
– Turkey
– Fish
– Brown Rice
– Whole Wheat Bread
– Steamed Vegetables
– Oatmeal

Recommended Snacks

– Almonds
– Popcorn
– Beef Jerky
– Sugar Free Popsicle
– Pickles

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