Underground Fat Loss Manual Review – 3 Things You Need To Know

The Underground Fat Loss Manual, by Matt Marshall, is very transparent when it comes to what it is, and what it isn’t.  This is a short term, rapid fat loss guide filled with tips, tricks, and “cheat codes”. It will never be on the front page of a medical journal as the world’s healthiest diet.  

That’s not what it is, and not what it wants to be.  The diet is all about losing body fat as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Here’s our full Underground Fat Loss Manual review.

1) How The Diet Works
2) Best Part Of The Diet Plan
3) What’s Included
4) Frequently Asked Questions

How The Diet Works

Underground fat loss manual review

The Underground Fat Loss Manual is a very efficient and straight to the point diet plan.  There aren’t any marketing gimmicks. No bells and whistles to try and distract you. In fact, one of the very first truths the guide exposes is something most diets try to avoid saying:

Every diet relies on a caloric deficit to influence weight loss

It’s an undeniable truth.  

Weight gain, and weight loss are heavily influenced by simple math.  Whether you’re on the Keto diet eating nothing but avocados and pork rinds, or something like Paleo encouraging you to eat organic whole foods.

The single most influential factor in every diet is how many calories you’re eating, and how many calories your body needs.

If you aren’t creating a big enough calorie deficit, the weight loss will be slow, if at all.

Another ugly truth:  On most diets, you’ll experience the most weight loss in the first two weeks with minimal progress in subsequent weeks.  And most of the weight you lose is going to be water instead of body fat.

Here’s how the Underground Fat Loss Manual gets around those two very difficult problems, and helps you lose weight consistently for several months.

3 Day Kick Start

This is an optional primer for the main guide, and it’s arguably the most difficult part of the diet.  If you’re in a hurry to lose weight, like days or weeks, then you should give the kick-start a try.

But it’s not required.  It’s an optional rapid fat loss segment that only lasts three days but can result in several pounds lost in a short amount of time.  

The rewards are very high, but it also requires more discipline compared to the main guide.

Week 1-2

This is the foundation of the diet, and will be repeated in weeks 3-4.

It’s based on three facts about dieting that cause people to fail:

1. People underestimate how many calories they eat
2. People overestimate how many calories are burned during exercise
3. Most will quit if they don’t see results fast enough

Your absolute number one priority during the first two weeks is to get into the optimal caloric deficit for your body type, based on how much you’re eating.

The diet doesn’t even bother to try and rely on exercise and calories burned.   The diet relies solely on the amount of calories you need, and how much you’re getting, from food.

Not exercise.  No counting steps, or running on a treadmill.  It’s all about the food.

If you can master the first three days, you can master the entire diet because there aren’t drastic changes to the diet plan.  Your caloric deficit on day 5, is nearly identical to day 20.

When you start, focus on the first three days.  Your body, and your hunger cravings will adapt to make the subsequent weeks easier than those first few days.

What you eat, and what time you eat it, aren’t as important as your daily calorie goal.  If you want pizza for dinner, go ahead. But make sure you’re within the recommended calories for the day.

After two consecutive weeks following the Underground Fat Loss Manual, you’re rewarded with a cheat day.  Pretty much everything is on the menu. Chocolate, donuts, ice cream, everything you’ve been told not to eat for most of your life.


There are critically important rules on how and when to do a cheat day.

Cheat Day

There’s a right way, and a horrible way to do a cheat day.  

If you do it right, you can help rebalance important hormones linked to weight loss and give yourself a needed mental break from dieting.  If you do it wrong you can wipe out an entire week of dieting, in one day.

You’re given examples of how to do a cheat day, and what to avoid, to help lose weight instead of wrecking all progress..  

You’re shown:

– The right food (lots of yummy carbs)
– The wrong food
– The time frame for best results

Just a note:  Cheat day doesn’t mean all day cheating, lol.  As explained in the guide if you’re eating the wrong foods all day long, you’re doing it wrong.  

Week 3-4

Follow the same guidelines, and calorie deficit established in weeks 1-2.

Cheat Day

Same as the cheat day after week 2.


After four weeks of dieting, your body fat and overall body weight will be different from day one.  As your body adapts by shedding body fat, it’s important to also adapt your diet to continue making progress.

After every four weeks, you kind of take a step back and evaluate everything that has gone right, and a few things you’d like to improve.  After making needed adjustments, you can move forward with the diet plan to lose more weight or move into diet maintenance to keep the weight off.

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Best Part Of The Diet Plan

The Cheat Codes Of Dieting

Tucked away near the end of the main guide are some diet tips described by author Matt Marshall as “cheat codes”.  I honestly expected it to be the same old rehashed tips. Eat more fiber, drink more water, eat less sugar, etc.

But there were some interesting out of the box tips that will make the diet a lot easier.  “Cheat Code” is a good description, because calling them diet tips doesn’t do it justice.

Diet Diary

In the appendix, there’s a section you should take a look at.  It’s a collection of screen shots from real life application of the diet.  You’ll see meal timing, calorie total, and the actual app being used to track calories (it’s a free app).

What’s Included

Here’s everything you get with the Underground Fat Loss Manual diet plan.  This is a list of what you’re given access to in the basic program, and doesn’t include any optional premium services.

Underground Fat Loss Manual

Chapter Descriptions:

1. 3 Day Kick Start
2. About The Manual
3. Why Get Lean
4. Mentality Needed To Get Lean
5. UFLM Compared To Other Diets
6. The First Week
7. The First Two Weeks
8. How To Do A Cheat Day
9. Day 15-28
10. After The First Four Weeks
11. Maintenance Mode
12. Advanced Diet Tips
13. Magic Foods For Weight Loss
14. Hunger
15. Muscle Mass
16. Your Inner Circle
17. Final Thoughts

Ab Exercise Report (Free Bonus)

Fat Loss Supplement Report (Free Bonus)

Workout Program (Free Bonus)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a Keto diet?

No.  The Keto diet requires you to eat extremely high fat foods, and near zero carbs.  This isn’t a Keto diet, and you’re able to eat from all calorie sources including carbohydrates.

Do I need to buy special food?

No.  There aren’t any additional purchases you’ll need to make for “special” food.  There are optional supplements recommended to help suppress your appetite. But it isn’t required to follow the diet, just to make it easier.

What can I eat?

Very few foods are completely banned.  You’re given a recommended food list to help make the diet easier, but ultimately the food you choose is entirely up to you.  

The diet is very calorie dependent, instead of focusing on excluding specific foods.  It’s important to reach the recommended calorie goals, but the foods making up those calories aren’t as important.  If you want a piece of cake, it’s perfectly fine, as long as you’re within the calorie limit for the day.

How long does the diet last?

It’s a short term diet, usually lasting 4-6 weeks.  There’s maintenance advice provided to help keep the weight off, once the diet is completed.

How much weight will I lose?

It will vary depending on your daily calories before starting the diet.  You’ll be shown how to create the optimal calorie deficit for weight loss in the main fat loss guide.  Someone who is 100 pounds overweight should expect to lose more weight than someone who is only 20 pounds overweight.

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