Top 5 Weight Loss Tips For Men

Weight loss tips for men

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Written by – Diet and exercise aren’t the only weight loss factors to worry about. Addressing certain hormones, and boosting metabolism should also be a high priority for men trying to lose weight. Here’s five of the best weight loss tips for men trying to lose a few pounds.

Boost Testosterone

Testosterone levels effect lean muscle mass, strength, and fat metabolism.

The potential for muscle bulk, bone mass, and strength is considerably higher for men than women, in large part due to testosterone production.

Men with low testosterone levels often experience the following:

Decrease in muscle mass
Decrease in strength
Increased abdominal fat
Increased fatigue

How To Boost Testosterone

Reduce stress and cortisol levels
Get more quality sleep
Supplements (Vitamin D, zinc, L-arginine)
Foods (garlic, tuna, oysters)

Increase Growth Hormone

Raising growth hormone levels can help you stay lean, and slow the effects of aging.

The importance of growth hormone (GH), for children and adolescents, is well known. It plays a vital role in bone and muscle growth, as well as metabolism and heart function.

You might not be getting any taller, but your growth hormone production still plays a significant role in your muscle mass, body fat, and body composition.

As you age, your natural production will begin to decline making it necessary to take a few steps to influence your production of GH.

How To Boost Growth Hormone

Intermittent fasting
Resistance Training
Fasted Exercise

Boost Metabolism

Burn more calories while doing nothing.

Your Basal Metabolic Rate (metabolism) is how many calories you need to continue body functions while at rest. Important factors increasing, or decreasing, your metabolism are muscle mass, body size, age, and gender.

Men, on average, will have a higher metabolism than women because they’re typically bigger with more muscle mass. The more muscle mass you have, the more calories are needed each day.

Fast metabolism: Higher calories needed (burned) each day
Slow metabolism: Lower calories needed (burned) each day.

How To Boost Metabolism

Eat more protein
Eat spicy foods
HIIT workouts
Drink green tea
Resistance training (build muscle mass)

Weight Loss Supplements

There’s only a few worth your time, and money.

There isn’t a magic bottle of “make my beer belly smaller”. It’s not at Amazon, and it’s not in the health foods section at the grocery store.

It doesn’t exist.

While there isn’t a pill to melt the fat away, there are supplements to make dieting easier and more effective. There’s really only a handful that are worth the money, and work for nearly everyone.

Best Weight Loss Supplements

Whey protein (Meal replacement or post workout)
Soluble fiber (Psyllium)
Green tea extract

Choose A Sustainable Diet

Don’t start a diet you immediately hate on day one. You’ll never make it to the finish line.

The trick to finding the right diet for you is to ask “what can I do for the longest amount of time”. Losing just ten pounds can often take 8-12 weeks of sustained dieting.

Eating salads, and drinking green smoothies, is incredibly healthy but it’s something a lot guys struggle with for more than a few weeks.

Year after year, the most popular diets with men are usually low carb with lots and lots of meat on the menu.

Popular Diets For Men

Ketogenic diet

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