Top 5 Posts If You’re On The Atkins Diet

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Top posts for Atkins diet


If Atkins didn’t work, it would have faded into obscurity with the hundreds of other fad diets. But, year after year, Atkins is one of the more popular diet plans because it’s effective and can influence rapid weight loss when followed properly.

Here’s the top five posts if you’re on the Atkins diet, or thinking about starting.

Atkins For Beginners

If you’re still thinking about starting Atkins, or you’re only a few weeks into induction, start here. You’ll get an overview of the how and why the diet works, as well as some pros and cons other dieters have experienced. Read More

Atkins Diet For Beginners

Atkins Diet Phase 1 Food List

Induction is pretty strict, with an extensive do-not eat list. Here’s all the foods you’re allowed to eat, and some foods that you’re asked to avoid during phase 1. Read More

Atkins Diet Phase 1 Food List

Atkins Diet Phase 2 Food List

When you hear “Atkins” many associate this with a no-carb diet, but Atkins is actually a progressive diet which increases carb consumption in each phase. Phase 1 is very limited when it comes to carbs, but phase 2 starts to introduce more variety and carbs per day. Here’s the food list. Read More

Atkins Diet Phase 2 Food List

Atkins Diet Phase 3 Food List

Phase 3 is much more liberal in food variety, and by this point you should have lost considerable weight on the diet. Phase 3 begins the transition to long term meal planning, with additional calories allowed from naturally sweet fruit. Read More

Atkins Diet Phase 3 Food List

Best Exercises For The Atkins Diet

Atkins relies heavily on the type of food you’re eating to influence fat loss, but it doesn’t mean you should completely avoid exercise. Restricting carbs can help lose body fat rapidly, but it also means increased fatigue and low energy levels.

This makes some exercises less than ideal on Atkins. Here’s a quick list of which exercises work best with this diet. Read More

Best Exercises For Atkins Induction Phase

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