Top 10 Weight Watchers Tips You Shouldn’t Ignore

weight watchers tips

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Written by – Weight Watchers was founded in the 1960’s and has helped thousands of people shed unwanted pounds. It has a time tested formula to help you track calories, and find the best food options for weight loss. If you’re on the diet, or thinking of starting, here’s the ten best Weight Watchers tips you should know.

Be Precise With Calories

Weight Watchers is a calorie management diet based on points assigned to food. You’ll find it very difficult to lose weight without being precise. Try not to estimate how much you’re eating, and look at every label before you put the food on your plate.

If You Don’t Know – Don’t Eat It

Sometimes you just don’t know how many calories are in something. It could be homemade or something prepared in a restaurant. If you can’t get an accurate calorie total, it’s better to choose an alternative rather than eat something that causes problems with your calorie counting.

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Get Addicted To Water

Don’t think about it, just do it. Every day, all day. Make it a well entrenched habit that becomes part of your routine. Try adding fresh citrus fruits to your water to improve variety.

Utilize Low Point Foods You Enjoy

When people start the diet, you feel a bit deprived because many of your favorite foods will have a high point total. You’re faced with the prospect of only eating a sliver of your favorite food that takes up a ton of points. Instead, try to find a food you enjoy that has a lower point total. You’ll feel less deprived, and eat plenty of something you truly enjoy.

Food Swapping

You’d be surprised at the options for food swapping. There are swaps for noodles, oils, butter, sugar – it’s gotten pretty creative and kind of fun. Try every swap at least once. You might even like the swap better than the original.

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Prepare Your Lunch

Don’t let being unprepared ruin your entire day. When lunch rolls around, and everyone’s deciding what restaurant to order from, be prepared with a tasty and healthy lunch. Convenience, and lack of options, are a tempting excuse to eat a high calorie meal you don’t really want.

Choose To Be Active

Being active and moving around isn’t always about going to the gym and sweating for 60 minutes. It’s also about choosing to do more, even if it’s just a little change. Walk a little farther. Park a little farther from the store. Take the stairs once in a while. Take control, and choose to burn more calories everyday.

Find Your Progress

Most people will limit their success to what they see on the scale, but you don’t have to do that. Everyone progresses, even if it isn’t in pounds. Do you look better in the mirror? Did you lose a half inch on your waist? Are you stronger? Do you have more energy? Is your mood improving?

Find your progress, and appreciate all the work you’ve put in.

Use The Weight Watchers Tools

Unfortunately, many will stray from the weight watchers path and try to find their own way. Either because they think it’s better, or easier, in some way. Weight Watchers has persevered because it works. The tools they provide have worked for thousands of people, so give them the opportunity to work for you. Get the app, and use the tools provided at the official website.

Embrace The Journey

It’s a marathon. Not a sprint. I know what it feels like to want to be different, look different, and feel different – right now. But this journey takes time. Embrace it.

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weight watchers tips

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