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The three week diet system, created by Brian Flatt, uses progressive calorie restriction, short term fasting to boost natural growth hormone, and the most efficient exercises proven to influence fat loss.

How Does It Work?

The three week diet uses a synergy of proven weight loss tactics to influence rapid weight loss and maintain diet motivation for the entire 21 days.

Cleanse & Detox

The initial phase of the diet (week one) involves a cleanse and junk food detox. During these first few days you’ll be asked to avoid most sugary and processed foods, while consuming foods like:

  • Chicken, fish, lean beef
  • Fruits & Vegetables (wide variety)

There’s a recommended preparation you’re given for each meal, and you’ll also be given the tools needed to get in the right calorie range to influence fat loss. If you cut too few calories you won’t lose weight fast enough, but cutting too many calories produces it’s own negative effect on your hormones.

While the quick detox is optional, it is definitely recommended because it can increase overall weight loss.

Intermittent Fasting

There are different meal content strategies for each of the four phases of the diet, but what they all share is a consistent structure. The diet utilizes intermittent fasting, which is the practice of scheduling your eating times and non-eating times with consecutive blocks of time.

For instance, you would consume all your calories within the frame of 12 consecutive hours, and then begin a fast avoiding all solid food for the subsequent twelve hours. The fasting period also includes your regular eight hour sleep cycle.

Progressive Calorie Reduction

Instead of shocking your system with an unsustainable calorie restriction, the diet instead uses a more progressive approach. After establishing the correct daily calorie need (formula provided with program) you’re then told how to incrementally lower your calories over the ensuing 21 days.

This is an important process with rapid weight loss, because cutting too many calories too quickly has proven to cause a hormonal reaction that may result in weight gain after the diet ends.

Allowing your body to adjust slowly, but consistently, to a weekly calorie reduction is more efficient and beneficial for long term weight loss.

What Can I Eat?

This isn’t a gimmick diet where you’re only allowed to eat one specific food source, like avocados, or something silly like that. There is a wide variety of food allowed, but you’ll want to limit processed food on the three week diet.

You’ll also want to pay close attention to your sugar levels, as well as the type of carbohydrates you’re eating while on the diet.

What Are The Exercises Like?

The three week diet exercise plan has a primary focus on light resistance training with a few recommended cardio routines. While most other diets tend to have the opposite philosophy, engaging in extended cardio workouts is not part of the diet system.

Jogging or running on a treadmill can be beneficial if done enough, say 40-60 minutes every day, but most people have trouble maintaining this pace for the entire 21 day duration. Instead of trying to force a behavior that will likely lead to diet failure, the system instead uses your body’s natural fat burning mechanisms to assist your fat loss.

By utilizing resistance training, you can indirectly influence your body’s metabolic rate.

Workouts are only 20-30 minute in length. Long enough to sufficiently influence fat loss, but short enough to maintain your willingness to continue performing them.

For more info about the diet visit the 3 week diet blog.

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