Three Big Reasons To Try The Atkins Diet

Try the atkins diet

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There are dozens of well known, and well marketed, diet plans for you to choose from. Atkins sets itself apart with a well defined carb management strategy, and long term maintenance planning. If you’re on the fence about going low carb, here’s three big reasons why you should try the Atkins diet.

Fat Loss

Trying to simply eat less doesn’t always yield the desired results. You feel miserable, cranky, and like you’re on a permanent food timeout. And to add insult to injury, the weight loss is painfully slow.

But why?

A common problem is to start calorie restriction, without restricting the foods that are major contributors to being overweight. Cutting your nightly serving of ice cream by half, still leaves a high dose of carbohydrates in your meal plan.

As explained by Dr. Atkins, the Atkins diet “limits carbohydrates (sugar), so the body burns fat, including body fat, for fuel.”

When you focus on managing carbs, instead of just calories, it can help stabilize your sugar levels and influence your body to burn more fat.

The goal of Atkins isn’t just to weigh less. It’s to target, utilize, and get rid of body fat.

Long Term Planning

Struggling with repetitive yo-yo diets is something most people can identify with. You start to question the point of dieting, if you know the weight will come back in a few months.

Atkins isn’t something you follow for two weeks, and hope the weight doesn’t come back. There’s a well defined long-term plan to help keep the weight off permanently.

Atkins Phases

Anyone can just eat fewer carbs. It’s a pretty straight forward concept, and easy to start. One of the interesting, and more effective, aspects of Atkins is the use of phases.

Trying to stay at an ultra low carb consumption indefinitely isn’t needed, or practical. Atkins uses milestones on your weight loss journey, as an indication to progress to the next phase.

The diet keeps your daily carbs beneath a specific threshold, based on which phase you’re in, and adjusts your daily carbs as you lose weight.

The ultimate goal is to progress to the final maintenance phase, where you’ll identify your carb equilibrium to help keep off the weight you’ve lost.

Ease Of Use

There really isn’t an “easy” diet. Any change in food content, meal size, or a significant reduction in daily calories will never be easy. But Atkins has taken steps to make the diet easier to follow compared to other low carb diets.

Atkins Products

None of the Atkins products are required to follow the diet. None. You can follow the diet with the food you’ll find in any grocery store.


The Atkins diet products make the diet easier to follow without having to worry about staying compliant. There’s dozens of products available to help satisfy a sugar, or carb, craving without wrecking your progress.

Staggered Carbs

If you’ve ever been on a low carb diet, you know what it means to hit the wall. It becomes mentally draining after several weeks and months of trying to restrict carbs to a minimum.

As mentioned above, Atkins has a long term maintenance plan that helps alleviate some of stumbling blocks most people encounter.

The most strict phase, induction, only lasts 2-3 weeks of ultra strict carb management. You get a much needed break, as more and more carbs are re-introduced into your meals with each phase.

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