Things Guys Are Insecure About

by – It isn’t just about their penis, you know. Someone can be the biggest Alpha Male imaginable, and still have insecurities because of human development and psychology. Insecurities are the perception of inadequacy, often developed during childhood or adolescence and can shape and warp ones self-image and self-worth. Here’s five things guys are insecure about that you may not realize matters to them.


There’s a common thread binding all the insecurities on this list – importance. What’s our place in the world? Do we matter?

Guys want to feel important and needed by the people who matter most to them. Not asking their opinion, or disregarding their advice, can diminish their sense of self worth.

Their perception of importance will have a varying definition among family, friends, and at work.


A guy’s relationship with a spouse, partner, or girlfriend helps define their role in society. It isn’t even about having a bad relationship, it’s about your significant other having a “better” relationship with someone else that creates insecurity.

This dynamic can also apply to any children you may have.

A guy’s role with his children helps him establish his self worth. If his child has a strong relationship with another male (grandpas, uncles, friends) it can diminish his perception of self worth, and make him feel threatened or insecure.

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Surprisingly, guys that are really intelligent and well educated can feel insecure about their intelligence. They often have a need for everyone to acknowledge how much they know. It can lead to some pretty obnoxious conversations, but it’s born from “feeling dumb” at a critical point in their life.

No one wants to feel like the dumbest guy in the room, but it’s something most people struggle with to some degree. There’s always someone with more knowledge, or education, who can make you feel inferior.


The “guys work”, and “women clean” mentality of 50-60 years ago is progressively being weeded out of society, but it’s not gone. It’s still hard for most men to accept an inferior financial role.

It’s more about their perception of being inferior, rather than reality. That insecurity extends beyond your personal relationship.

It’s a feeling of inferiority that gets exposed among friends, at family gatherings, and general social interactions.

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There’s a small sliver of the male population that has zero interest in engaging in a vulgar or demeaning conversation. Not all guys want to sit around and talk about who they’re banging.


A lot of guys do, especially when they’re younger. Guys don’t walk up to random guys and start talking about how many women they’ve been with or how big their man parts are.

But the group behavior of establishing dominance among other men is real. Conversations often turn into a “I’m more of a man than you” contest.

Some things guys can feel insecure about around other guys:

– Small stature
– Not aggressive
– Not athletic or strong
– No interest in sports, or typical “guy things”

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