The Worst Side Effects Of Taking Steroids

side effects of taking steroids

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While there are exaggerated stereotypes about taking steroids, many characteristics of the absolute worst side effects of taking anabolic steroids are actually true. Maybe not to the extent portrayed in movies, but still true.

Here’s the worst side effects of taking steroids.

Breasts, Man. Breasts.

What kind of twisted shit is this? The whole point of taking steroids is to be a muscle bound alpha male. It’s kind of hard to feel manly with fleshy man breasts under your shirt.

But it does happen.

Guys can get down to 7-8% body fat, and still have noticeable soft tissue on their lower chest. They can’t get rid of it because it’s full-on, legit breasts that grew as a result of taking steroids.

Why It Happens

Converting testosterone into estrogen is a normal process for all men, but it’s only a small percentage that gets converted and usually without side effects.

When you take an unnaturally large amount of testosterone (steroids), a percentage of that testosterone will also be converted into estrogen.

It’s this estrogen spike, that causes men to develop breast tissue.

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Your Nuts Shrink

It’s a pretty drastic trade off. Huge, bulging muscles — but your balls will be tiny. It’s one of the first, and scariest warnings before anyone starts taking steroids.

And it’s also true.

Why It Happens

When you start injecting hormones there are going to be consequences and reactions by your body. So why do the testicles shrink? Your body has an internal testosterone threshold that is considered normal.

Your testicles will produce testosterone in an effort to meet the expected threshold. BUT… if production is not needed because you already have massive amounts of testosterone in your system from steroid use, your natural production will shut down.

And when the testicles aren’t producing testosterone normally, they shrink in size.

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Acne & More Acne

There are some common tell-tale signs someone is using steroids, and one of the more obvious signs is a dramatic increase in acne. Often found on the back, shoulders, and face.

Why It Happens

This isn’t special acne that’s any different from what your body normally produces. There will just be an increase in quantity and severity of acne, because your body will produce and secrete more oils while using steroids.

Rage & Mood Swings

“Roid rage” has become an almost comical stereotype, until you meet the real thing. There’s nothing funny about a 250 pound, out of control, weight lifter that wants to rip your throat out because you bumped his pinky finger.

Why It Happens

We don’t know. Honestly, there isn’t a good explanation and it hasn’t been as well documented as many would expect. While increased aggression isn’t unusual it isn’t always present, and not everyone will experience “roid rage”.

It’s actually more common to experience mood swings that include depression and thoughts of suicide.

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