The Three Week Diet Review

In this three week diet review you’ll learn the core philosophy of how Brian Flatt’s diet works, realistic weight loss expectations, the food you’re allowed to eat, and recommended exercises.

First, let’s look at why most diets have failed you and how the three week diet tries to overcome the most common problems people struggle with.

Why Most Diets Fail

Lack Of Success

The overwhelming, number one reason why most diets fail is the lack of success. If you’ve been on a strict diet, following all the food and exercise rules, with limited weight loss you’re very likely to quit.

Put simply, there has to be an equal reward for all your effort. If you diet for an entire month, is it fair to only lose two pounds? Is that something you’re likely to continue?

Most people have said no.

Three Week Diet Solution

You need to see results quickly, and in the first week to influence your need to continue. Not your willingness or interest in continuing… Your absolute NEED to continue.

If you see 5-7 pounds come off the first week, it will be very hard to turn away from that kind of progress. So the number one goal with the three week diet is rapid weight loss.

Seeing results in that first week is the greatest motivation anyone can give you.

Exercise Is Too Demanding Or Time Consuming

Let’s be honest, people want to be fit and healthy but very few want to become a gym rat. There’s a small fraction of the human population that enjoys the pain of burning lungs and debilitating leg cramps.

But most people don’t “enjoy the burn”. If your exercise program starts to feel like a second job, you’re going to quit. It’s been proven over decades by thousands and thousands of people.

Make it effective and make it as easy as possible. That should be the goal.

Some diet programs want you to train like an Olympic athlete, exercising for an hour or more six days a week. That’s a great way to set someone up for failure instead of success.

Three Week Diet Solution

Instead of forcing people to step on a treadmill for an hour a day, the three week diet takes a different approach. Knowing most people will quit a time intensive cardio heavy exercise plan, the program doesn’t even include it.

The exercise plan does not implement long cardio sessions to burn calories.

It uses a different tactic, choosing to incorporate exercises that target your metabolism instead. If you can increase your metabolism you’ll burn more calories all day long, not just when you’re exercising.

The exercise sessions are only 20-30 minutes each with little cardio, and basic resistance training aimed at your large muscle groups. These are the muscles that have the largest influence on your metabolism.

Three Week Diet Philosophy

So what kind of diet is this?

It’s not a gimmicky juice diet, and you won’t be sipping on cayenne pepper “diet drinks” that you’ll see with most detox diets.

The three week diet actually uses three separate diet philosophies utilizing their synergy to help you lose as much fat as possible in 21 days.

Low Carb Meal Planning

This isn’t a zero carb diet where you aren’t allowed to eat anything without eyeballs. There are numerous carb sources that are allowed and encouraged. At it’s core it’s a high protein diet, with added focus placed on eating the right kind of carbs.

Note: There is great emphasis placed on getting your sugar intake under control.

As the guide explains, not all carbs are going to cause you problems but certain carb sources dramatically increases your hormonal weight management system. Something a lot of people struggle with is eating the right amount of calories, but choosing food that influences your hormones to store as much body fat as possible.

Cleanse & Detox

There is a cleansing period near the end of the first week of the diet, but it’s not a harsh or even difficult cleanse. Typically a cleanse involves some sort of extended fast, where all you consume is fluids or special shakes.

But the three week diet cleanse is more user friendly, and is more of a junk food detox than a typical cleanse. You’re trying to flush your body of excess toxins, while priming your metabolism for the upcoming weeks.

During this short cleansing period you’ll be eating solid food, including protein and vegetables, but you’ll want to reduce as much processed food as possible.

Intermittent Fasting

The other diet philosophy involves diet structure, meal timing, and overall eating behavior. There is an element of built in discipline with short term fasting. Each fast lasts around 12 hours, and can extend as long as convenient for your schedule.

The goal is to separate your eating and non-eating time frames. Studies have shown a tremendous increase of natural growth hormone, up to 2000%, during these short fasting intervals. This hormonal burst can help you burn calories, boost metabolism, and give you more energy.

Typical Short Term Fast:

8am to 8pm (12 hours)- Eat all of your daily calories during this period.
8pm to 8am (12 hours)- Fasting period where you avoid all solid foods.

– You’re given tips and tricks to help you through the fasting period
– You can choose your own schedule, for whatever is most convenient
– Breaking the fast will decrease fat loss results for the day

Three Week Diet Exercise Plan

Surprisingly, Brian Flatt’s exercise plan included with the three week diet isn’t cardio intensive and there’s a reason it wasn’t included. When you reach a certain level of fitness, cardio and strenuous exercise can be challenging and fun.

These are people who are already uber fit, and enjoy pushing their cardio limits. But what if you’re overweight and not in the best shape?

For the overwhelming majority of dieters extensive cardio workouts become one of the primary reasons they quit and abandon their diet goals. It’s hard, unrewarding, and simply not fun running on a treadmill for 60 minutes to try and burn 200 calories.

The diet wants to give you the best opportunity to succeed and attacks fat loss from a different angle and philosophy.

Instead of burning calories through shear will, and pain staking effort, you’re instead given an exercise plan that utilizes your metabolism and hormones to help churn through calories.

If you can boost your metabolism, it creates a cumulative effect where you continue to burn extra calories all day everyday. Even when you’re NOT exercising.

Running burns calories, but does not have a significant impact on your metabolism. It’s actually resistance training that has the greatest effect on your metabolism, which is what the exercise plan primarily consists of.

You’re given a list of core exercises and routines, mostly for your large muscle groups, that you can perform at home that last only 20-30 minutes per workout session.

Money Back Guarantee

There’s a 60 day, no hassle, money back guarantee with the diet program. If you aren’t satisfied with the program after using it for eight weeks, you’ll be eligible for a full refund.

Email and online support are also available to help you complete all four phases of the three week diet.

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