The Side Effects Of Using Rogaine For Hair Loss

If you’re among the follically challenged, staring down the barrel of baldness, your options are pretty limited. You can go the expensive route of hair implants, try to find a suitable hairpiece, or give topical treatments a try.

When it comes to topical treatments, Rogaine is still the only reliable and consistently effective option to regrow hair.  Here’s what you should know before starting, including common side effects of using Rogaine for hair loss.

Does Rogaine Work?

The most obvious and important question before starting Rogaine treatment is, “Does Rogaine work?” The quick and short answer is, yes. It does what it says it does, and regrows hair.

It’s the quality of hair that will vary from person to person.

Hair Regrowth

Minoxidil, the primary ingredient responsible for hair regrowth in Rogaine was identified as a side effect of other treatments. Meaning, people were taking minoxidil to treat ulcers and hypertension, and the doctors soon noticed hair regrowth by their patients.

Minoxidil wasn’t created or manufactured to regrow hair. In fact, it isn’t completely understood why it regrows hair, we just know it does.

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Hair Quality

Most people are going to respond to Rogaine, and regrow hair in some capacity. Some will regrow very normal looking hair that blends well and others will only regrow very fine “peach fuzz”.

Where you regrow hair will also vary. It’s more common to regrow hair on the crown of your head, but less common to regrow hair near your forehead and natural hairline.

Slows Hairloss

Most people will start using Minoxidil and Rogaine in an attempt to recapture the glory of their younger years. They start using the topical treatment and check for new sprout-lings every morning.

What may go unnoticed for several months or years, is how Rogaine slows the balding process for some people. You’ll notice thicker hairs in some area, and fewer and fewer hairs in the sink every morning.

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Side Effects

Rogaine doesn’t require a prescription and can be found in most major drug stores, but there are definitely side effects for every user.


One very traumatic experience during the initial stages of treatment is the shedding of hair. For the first 6-8 weeks of use you may notice an increase in hair loss. This is very common, and most of this hair will be regrown.

Dry Scalp

Rogaine dries your scalp. There are going to be days when your scalp is red and irritated, and applying the topical treatment even stings a little.


When the minoxidil treatment dries on top of your scalp it can produce a layer of film that will dry and crack. When this layer peels off, it will leave specks of dandruff in your hair and on your shoulders.

How To Use

Rogaine is a twice a day treatment. Once in the morning and once in the evening before bed. Using more than the recommended dose, or applying more frequently than twice a day will not produce better results.

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