The Atkins Diet Pros And Cons

Atkins diet pros and cons

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by – Atkins is an effective weight loss diet, but it isn’t perfect. There are definite trade-offs and drawbacks many people will consider non-starters. Is it for you, and is it worth all the time and effort required to follow the diet? Here’s the Atkins diet pros and cons you should know about.

Pro – Rapid Weight Loss

One of the main reasons why Atkins is still around, and very popular, is because it works when followed diligently. It isn’t a one or two pound weight loss grind, either. You can expect to lose 10-20 pounds very quickly, especially during the initial phase (induction).

Con – The Weight Can Come Back Quickly

When people decide to stop following the Atkins diet and transition to a more normal diet, it isn’t unusual for many to regain much of the weight they lost. If you’d like to keep the weight off, you’ll need to continue following the Atkins diet indefinitely.

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Pro – Lots Of Meat & High Fat Food

Many of the foods you’re usually asked to avoid, or completely eliminate, are actually recommended on the Atkins diet. This includes many high calorie and high fat foods like butter, mayonnaise, bacon, fatty cuts of meat and other yummy foods.

If you’re a meat person, and enjoy a good steak, you’ll absolutely love the Atkins lifestyle.

Con – Carb Restriction Is Difficult

Being able to eat high calorie and high fat foods has a very drastic trade-off. You’ll have to give up many of the common staples most people eat everyday. This includes bread, rice, cereal, sugar, and most fruit.

The carb restriction is very harsh in the early stages, but gets progressively easier as you get into the later phases of the diet.

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Pro – Easy To Follow Concept

The Atkins concept is pretty straightforward and easy to follow. You’re trying to restrict and limit your primary energy source (carbs) and influence your body into utilizing other sources (fat stores). If you’re strict enough with your daily carbs, and don’t pass a certain threshold, this is exactly what happens and you can expect a decrease in overall body fat.

Con – It Doesn’t Address Poor Food Choices

One of the main reasons people regain much of the weight after stopping the Atkins diet is because it doesn’t address “healthy” food choices. Eating tons of butter and mayo, will help you lose body fat while on Atkins but it doesn’t address or change your eating habits while not following the Atkins diet.

Basically, Atkins will help you lose weight, but it won’t teach you how to make better food choices.

Is Atkins For You?

There really isn’t a perfect diet, and they will all have drawbacks and trade-offs. How do you know if Atkins is for you?

Before jumping in and buying all kinds of Atkins products, and loading up on bacon and steak for the next month try it out for a few days. Restrict as many carbs as possible, and focus on the big ones like bread, rice, and sugar.

Some people don’t realize how important bread is in their life until they’re asked to stop, and some don’t mind it at all. Give it a try. You might actually enjoy eating like a caveman while you lose weight.

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