Tabata Workouts For Beginners

Tabata workouts for beginners

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by – Tabata burns a ton of calories, and can be really fun, because of the variety and pace. Tabata workouts for beginners can fly by, because you only have a few seconds between movements to think about how much you’re sweating.

But some of the workouts look difficult enough to scare off most people because higher difficulty workouts can be super intense. So most people give up on tabata without even trying it.

As with any workout, there are varying difficulties and you don’t need to start with a super intense tabata workout to burn a lot of calories.

Why You Should Try Tabata

– Burns a ton of calories
– Workouts are short (usually only 20 minutes)
– Lots of variety, changing exercises every 30 seconds
– Don’t need a gym! Tabata is perfect for at home workouts.

Here’s a quick list of the best tabata workouts for beginners, recommended if you don’t use HIIT workouts very often.

Tabata Workouts For Beginners

Workout #1 ( 4 min)

If you’ve never, ever tried a tabata workout start here. The moves, and pace, are easy to follow and drives home the concept of tabata (20 seconds of exercise, 10 seconds of rest).

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Workout #2 ( 30 min)

Workout #3 ( 15 min)

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Workout #4 ( 15 min)

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Workout #5 (15 min)

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Tabata for beginners

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