Tabata Workout For Women To Burn Calories Fast

Tabata workout for women

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At some point we all start to hate our exercise bike. We curse it with dust and spider webs. Then we give it the cold shoulder and pretend it doesn’t exist. If you need a change, and want something more effective than pedaling like a fitness zombie, here’s a Tabata workout for women you need to try.

Benefits Of Tabata Workouts

Workouts Are Short

Tabata is designed and intended to be a short workout. While each workout will have different exercises, and fitness goals, all Tabata workouts are structured using four minute cycles.

You can increase the number of cycles for a longer workout, but the pace and intensity of these types of workouts keeps the total time requirement relatively low.


It isn’t the time, or structure, that makes Tabata so popular it’s the effectiveness. You can expect to burn up to five times as many calories with a Tabata workout as with traditional cardio.

When you exercise at maximum effort, even in short 10-20 second intervals, it has a significant influence on your post exercise metabolism. With Tabata, you can burn more calories in less time compared to other exercise.

You Might Prefer Tabata

If you’re the type of person who prefers to rip the band-aid off, and get tasks done and over with, Tabata might be your dream workout. Instead of getting on a treadmill for 30 minutes, you can get a comparable calorie burn in just a few Tabata cycles.

Some also find the quick change of pace more engaging than steady state cardio, like an exercise bike or elliptical machine.

Tabata Workout List

Workout #1 – Live Lean TV

Workout #2 – Lyzabeth Lopez

Workout #3

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Tabata workout for women

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