Super Quick 5 Minute Arm Workout To Get Lean

5 minute arm workout

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If your goal is to have lean, well-toned arms you don’t need to spend several hours in the gym every week. You can get noticeable results with targeted workouts that only last a few minutes. Here’s a 5 minute arm workout list you should definitely try.

Top 3 Must Do Arm Toning Exercises

Arm Circles

Remember those arm circles you used to do in middle school? Turns out they’re one of the more effective exercises for toning up your arms. The key is to maintain constant tension as you switch from forward circles to back circles.

If you want a little more resistance, or you’re on the stronger side, you can add some light dumbbells to reach a deep fatigue in less than a minute.

Arm Pulses (side laterals)

Arm pulses are like mini side laterals you see people do with dumbbells. The range of motion for arm pulses is really small, only 6-8 inches, and will get you into a thorough arm fatigue in under a minute.

Like arm circles, the key is to keep your arms under constant tension without taking a break.

Dumbbell Movements

If you want leaner arms, you really don’t need to use a ton of weight to get results. The great thing about dumbbell arm exercises is they let you target specific muscle groups.

Bicep Curls. If you want to tighten up the front of your arms, bicep curls should be at the top of your list. Don’t worry, they won’t turn you into a veiny super hero unless you’re using really heavy weight.

Tricep Kickbacks. If you think the back of your arms need some work, tricep kickbacks are going to be your go-to move. Don’t be surprised if your triceps fatigue faster than your biceps, because the bicep is usually better developed through everyday tasks.

At-Home 5 Minute Arm Workout List

Workout #1 – Boho Beautiful

Workout #2 – Pilates For The People

#3 – BodyFit By Amy

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