Stubborn Belly Fat After Weight Loss

stubborn belly fat

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How frustrating is it to lose 20, 30, even 50 pounds and still have a layer of fat that won’t go away. What can you do if you have stubborn belly fat after weight loss?

First you need to understand why this particular layer of fat is giving you so much trouble.

Why Is There Still Belly Fat?

It’s not uncommon to reach a state of fitness where you’ve lost a considerable amount of weight, are what most consider lean, but still have fat that won’t come off. For most people it’s around the belly area, for others it might be the lower back or the back of the arms.

So why are these particular fat cells still there? It has a lot to do with genetics and the make up of those particular fat cells. They’re called stubborn for a reason. The fat cells in your particular trouble areas have likely developed a resistance to being mobilized and broken down for energy.

What does that mean, right?

When you exercise or diet, there’s pretty much a shield around these suckers telling your body to look elsewhere for energy. And that’s usually what will happen. Your body will take the path of least resistance and start to break down muscle tissue instead of these uber resistant fat cells.

So are you doomed? Is surgery the only way to get rid of these cells?

The good news is you can get stubborn fat off naturally without surgery. The bad news is it’s very hard and takes a lot of time.

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Supplements For Stubborn Fat


Yohimbine is often used by fitness professionals during their cutting (fat loss) phase. It’s proven useful at countering the effects of a fat cells resistance to being burned. It’s a tree bark extract that is most effective when you have low insulin levels, making exercising on an empty stomach ideal.

If you decide to give Yohimbine a try, read the label and instructions carefully. Some people are very sensitive to it’s effects resulting in dizziness or light-headedness when taking too large of an initial dose.


When you’re catabolic it means you’re body is likely to break down muscle tissue to use for energy rather than the fat cells you’d prefer. BCAAs can help counter this effect improving muscle synthesis and reducing the likelihood of muscle breakdown. The preferred method of use is as a pre-workout supplement, 20-30 minutes before you begin exercising.


Caffeine is often overlooked as a fat burning agent, but when used right it can boost your metabolism by as much as 15%. Taking a caffeine tablet as part of your pre-workout supplementation can give you an added kick of energy to your workouts and your metabolism.

Fasted Workouts

There’s a lot of “gym theory” with fasted workouts. Some people swear by them, while others just don’t like it. The theory is when you exercise in a fasted state, with no food digesting in your system, you’re more likely to tap into fat stores.

Anyone who’s tried an intermittent fasting diet is familiar with the fasted workout and can testify to how well it works. The problem most people encounter is the lack of energy, and feeling of being unproductive.

It’s hard to push yourself when you literally haven’t eaten in the last twelve hours. If you can push yourself through one or two fasted workouts per week it will pay dividends on your waist line.

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Watch The Sugar And Sweeteners

The final bit of advice if you’re struggling with lingering belly fat is to pay close attention to the content of your current diet. You’re likely low on calories trying to strip off that last bit of fat, so reducing calorie count might not even be a reasonable option.

What you can do is make sure the calories you’re eating aren’t influencing fat storage in a negative way. Keep a close eye on how much sugar you’re eating, and try to remove as much as possible.

There’s an on going debate of the benefits of artificial sweeteners and it’s impact on dieting, but there’s evidence it may be triggering the same hormonal response as real sugar.

If you’re nearing the finish line of your fat burning journey, and just have a little bit of fat to get rid of, you might want to strip out all the artificial sweeteners in your diet to help you cross the finish line.

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