Strength Training Exercises – 5 Must Do Exercises

strength training exercises

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Most barbell exercises seem pretty simple and straight forward, but there are subtle variations between a bodybuilding workout and strength training workout. Here’s a quick list of strength training exercises you should never skip, and the form you’ll want to use for increasing power.

Bodybuilding Vs Strength Training

Primary Goal

While many of the exercises for bodybuilding and powerlifting share the same name, the form and goal of each exercise is very different. The primary goal for bodybuilding is muscle hypertrophy, or the increase and growth in muscle cells.

The primary goal in strength training is to move heavy weight as efficiently as possible.

Range Of Motion

Bodybuilding routines will stress the need to utilize a full range of motion for good reason. A greater range of motion can activate and involve more muscle fibers resulting in greater muscle growth.

Strength training, on the other hand, will try to shorten the range of motion. A smaller range of motion means a shorter distance the weight will need to travel, resulting in greater power efficiency.


While there isn’t an exact number of repetitions needed to promote muscle growth, there is a recommended repetition range for muscle hypertrophy. Bodybuilding routines often utilize the 10-12 rep range for each exercise.

Reaching fatigue in this rep range can produce enough muscle fiber damage to stimulate a repair cycle and subsequent muscle growth.

Powerlifting doesn’t require hypertrophy for an increase in strength. You don’t need to get bigger, to get stronger. Most strength training routines will keep repetitions below 4-6 for most exercises.

Must Do Strength Training Exercises

While it’s normal for lifters to have a favorite exercise, it’s never recommended to completely abandon any of the primary strength training exercises. Improving supplementary strength is key to unlocking your full potential.

The overhead press, for instance, can help improve your bench press strength. The squat can help improve your deadlift and power clean.

To develop well balanced upper and lower body strength, these are the exercises you shouldn’t skip.

1 – Squat – Powerlifting To Win

2 – Deadlift – Alan Thrall

3 – Bench Press – Scott Abel Coaching

4 – Overhead Press – Art Of Manliness

5 – Power Clean – Altitude Althletics

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