Signs Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend Is Cheating

Boyfriend girlfriend cheating

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by – Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean you’re wrong. There’s a lot of truth to that statement, but you need to separate suspicious behavior with activities usually linked to cheating.

Here are the most common signs if your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating.

Change In Regular Work Schedule

If you’re cheating, or spending time with someone new, you need to account for large blocks of time. One of the most believable ways to cover for this loss of time is through work.

When staying late, or taking weekend trips, for work becomes the new normal it’s something you should be concerned with. You can tell by their mood, and willingness to be away from you as the likelihood they’re doing more than working.

What should you do?

Even if they aren’t cheating, spending a significant amount of time away from the relationship can cause “distancing” and a breakdown in communication. It’s best to discuss how unhappy you are with the new late work schedule.

They Have New Attractive “Friends”

Just because your significant other has new friends doesn’t mean they’re cheating. But there is a line of acceptable behavior that shouldn’t be crossed. When the friendship becomes a way to overcome your own diminishing intimacy is when it becomes a problem. If they’re sharing, and communicating with a new friend as a substitute for you, it can lead to a more physical relationship.

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New Need For Privacy

If you’ve been in a relationship with very good, and frequent communication you should become alarmed when they start password protecting all their devices. You should also be concerned if they seem to be hiding financial statements or trying to cover up their spending habits.

They Need Space

Every relationship will run into problems. Arguments and heated disagreements are a normal cycle of every long term relationship. If they start asking for space, or “need a break” from the relationship it’s likely they’re already seeing someone else.

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The Computer

Twenty or thirty years ago, an affair meant physical contact with someone outside the relationship. In today’s information age, it’s a little more complicated.

Now we have text message, email, and chat room affairs. It’s a communication gateway to a more physical form of cheating. If your significant other is spending more time on the computer, and avoiding or withdrawing from you it could be because of an online relationship.

Secret Phone Calls

Some conversations need to be private. Family crisis, and work related issues would require some privacy. If your boyfriend or girlfriend make a habit of leaving the room every time the phone rings it could be because of an inappropriate relationship. They’ll also make a habit of clearing their phone history.

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boyfriend girlfriend cheating

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