Tinnitus Miracle Review

Tinnitus Miracle, by Thomas Coleman, uses an all natural 5-step solution to cure Tinnitus without surgery.



How Tinnitus Miracle Works

Tinnitus Miracle is a 5 step program using non-invasive, holistic treatments to cure Tinnitus.

The graphic below explains the basic steps you'll follow. Each step is explained in greater detail further into the review.

Tinnitus Can't Cure Itself

The National Institute on Deafness estimates 10 percent of the U.S. population experiences Tinnitus every year. It's unlikely to cure itself and has the potential to get progressively worse without treatment.

Tinnitus Miracle is designed for those who have tried conventional treatment (doctor's visit, medication, surgery) without success.

Thomas Coleman created the 5-step program, mostly out of desperation, due to his own battle with tinnitus. He fought through the stress, anger, depression and even hallucinations commonly associated with severe Tinnitus.

It was due to the limited success of conventional treatment and disappointment with alternative treatments that lead to the construction of the following 5-step solution.

Step One - Dietary Changes

Studies have shown nutritional deficiencies and imbalances contribute to nerve damage linked to Tinnitus. The purpose of dietary changes in step one is to

A) Eliminate food sources that aggravate Tinnitus
B) Balance vitamin and mineral intake

The guide explains:

Common food sources triggering Tinnitus. It's recommended you remove these foods from your diet for 1-3 weeks to gauge their impact on your Tinnitus.

5 vitamins you need to balance. It can be hard to micro manage your vitamin and mineral intake, so the guide pares down the list to the essential five.

Recommended herbal supplements. There are very few supplements that can help your condition. The ones that do help, and recommended by the program, increase blood flow to the brain and ear, and others to help with stress and anxiety.

Tinnitus Miracle Tip:

Most people don't realize caffeine has an influence on stress, anxiety and depression which has an indirect effect on Tinnitus. Caffeine can intensify or raise the noise level of what you're hearing.

Full list of beverages to avoid, and their influence on Tinnitus, in the full program.

Step Two - Boost Immune System

While step one was more preventative, trying to eliminate food that aggravates Tinnitus, step two is more of an additive behavior.

You're given an 8-point check list, summarizing the steps and actions needed to make your immune system more receptive to a Tinnitus solution.

It's important to view Tinnitus as a systemic problem, and not just an ear or hearing problem. You're given advice that has helped others with Tinnitus regarding:

Step Three - Tinnitus Retraining

The goal of step three is to break the connection between auditory, limbic and the central nervous system. Often the sounds you hear are linked in your brain to an "event" like an emotion, feeling, or memory that triggers Tinnitus.

When this "event" occurs your brain loops the sound it has linked to the event. This step shows you how to unlink the connection, and retrain your brain to NOT play the sound.

Here's how it works:

First you'll be shown how to classify your Tinnitus to accurately determine the necessary treatment. Based on your current condition you'll then proceed through a four step Tinnitus Retraining program as follows:

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Step Four - Detoxifying and Cleansing

"Tinnitus can happen because of a side-effect of being too acidic. In other words, it can be a result of a system that is congested with toxins. (p 234)"

Step four is a special ten day cleansing process designed to cleanse your liver and kidneys by flushing toxins from your system.

If the the liver is not functioning optimally the toxic overload will be released to other parts of the body.

First the kidneys, then the heart, brain, skin, ears, lymph, and sinuses. It takes a while for toxins in your liver to effect your hearing, but there is a link that can effect Tinnitus.

Step Five: Using Hypnotherapy To Reduce Tinnitus

"As many as 50% to 76% of patients who have tried hypnosis to treat their Tinnitus have experienced a dramatic reduction in the noise and volume they heard. (p 281)"

Hypnosis is a well documented form of therapy to treat many conditions associated with the brain and memory.

Tinnitus is one of those conditions since the sounds you hear is often a result of your brain misinterpreting sounds and events.

Step five has two primary goals:

1) Induce deep and profound relaxation that can work directly on your stress levels to diminish Tinnitus.

2) Provide hypnotic suggestions to turn down and switch off Tinnitus sounds.

You're provided with a transcript of a therapy session with a professional Hypnotherapist for you to follow which has helped other Tinnitus patients.

Note: If you would like to try alternative forms of hypnosis such as regression therapy, ego state therapy, or suggestive therapy it's recommended you do this with a professional hypnotherapist during a one-on-one session.


There is a clear progression with each of the steps that occurs over several weeks. You're given five clear and well defined treatments that, individually, have had great success.

It's the synergy of using all five treatments at the same time that yields the best results.

60 Day No-Risk, Money Back Guarantee

There's a no hassle, money back gaurantee with the official program. Use the program for 60 days, and if you aren't 100% satisfied you're eligible for a full refund.

There's no fine print, and no loop holes. If you aren't satisfied after 60 days you'll be refunded.

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