Resistance Band Arm Workout For Toning

Resistance band arm workout

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Resistance bands have been used for physical therapy and fitness training since the early 1900s. They’re still incredibly popular today because they’re inexpensive, convenient, and most importantly they actually work. Here’s a quick resistance band arm workout you should definitely add to your to-do list.

Benefits Of Using Resistance Bands

Do Anywhere Workout

Resistance bands have remained incredibly popular because it provides a functional workout that can be done anywhere. You can get in a resistance band workout at home, in only a few minutes, and you can easily pack the bands and take them with you when you travel.
They also have a small footprint, and easily stored when not in use.

Ideal For Toning

While it’s possible to use heavy bands for strength training, they’re ideally suited for toning exercises and workouts. Most band sets will include multiple resistance levels to accommodate different levels of strength.

When choosing a band for your arm exercises, stick to the resistance level that allows you to complete 10-12 repetitions before reaching fatigue.

Low Cost Equipment

Resistance bands are some of the most cost effective exercise equipment especially compared to a full dumbbell set. You can get a full set of bands, with varying levels of difficulty for only a few dollars. Purchasing a full dumbbell set, with multiple weight levels, can cost you $50-100.

Resistance Band Workout List

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Resistance band arm workout

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