Pregnancy Workouts – 3 Workouts You Should Try

Pregnancy Workouts

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by – While you don’t need, or want, to exercise at the same intensity level as before your pregnancy there are proven benefits to exercising while pregnant. It can help relieve stress, fatigue, backaches and prevent gestational diabetes that can develop while pregnant.

Pregnancy Workouts By Trimester

If exercising was a big part of your life before your pregnancy, the first trimester is your opportunity to continue your normal activities relatively unchanged.

It’s important to only maintain your prior intensity level, and not dramatically increase duration or intensity in the first trimester.

If you enjoy running, crossfit, or lifting weights this is the time to do it as your energy permits. If you weren’t super active, start with light exercising for a short duration.

Second Trimester

You’ll often have the most energy during your second trimester, but you’ll want to begin eliminating specific exercises to protect your baby’s health. Crunches, twists, on-your-back exercises, and lifting objects over your head should be limited in your workouts.

Cycling classes, and other cardio exercises are ideal workouts as long as you don’t overexert yourself. It’s recommended to use the “talk test” to gauge intensity. During your workouts you should have enough breath to talk normally, but not sing.

If you’re having trouble carrying a conversation, and can’t say more than a few words, the intensity of your exercise is too high.

Third Trimester

Yoga, walking, and light jogging are the best workouts for the third trimester. While you may be ready to retire to the couch for a few months, the third trimester is incredibly important for your baby’s health.

The fetus gains most of its fat tissue in the third trimester. Exercising during this crucial time can help with a leaner infancy and reduced risk of obesity later in life.

Who Shouldn’t Exercise

Women with pre-existing medical conditions are generally advised to avoid exercise while pregnant. Consult a medical professional before exercising for the following:

  • Asthma
  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Previous Premature Births
  • Recurrent Miscarriage

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Pregnancy Workouts List

Workout #1 (1st/2nd Trimester)

Workout #2 (1st/2nd Trimester)

#3 (3rd Trimester)

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Pregnancy Workouts

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