Most Important Vitamins For Weight Loss

vitamins for weight loss

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by – While there isn’t a magic bullet when it comes to vitamins for weight loss, having deficiencies in certain areas can disrupt and inhibit your ability to break down fat.

Below are the most important vitamins for weight loss while dieting.  If you aren’t meeting the minimum threshold, it will make losing weight a longer and more difficult process.

Vitamin C

How Much You Need

75 milligrams for women
90 milligrams for men

What It Does

Vitamin C plays a prominent role in regulating metabolism and breaking down fat to utilize for energy. Studies have shown people who are vitamin C deficient are more likely to be overweight. Even if you’re exercising regularly, you’ll burn fat and calories less efficiently if you’re low on vitamin C.

How To Get More

– Oranges
– Broccoli
– Kale
– Strawberries
– Brussels Sprouts
– Tomatoes

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Vitamin A

How Much You Need

700-900 micrograms per day

What It Does

Vitamin A has a direct correlation with thyroid hormones. When you’re vitamin A deficient, it reduces the amount of thyroid hormones in your system. This can slow your metabolism, and decrease the rate of calories burned each day.

How To Get More

– Red Peppers
– Spinach
– Cantaloupe
– Apricots
– Eggs
– Salmon

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Vitamin D

How Much You Need

600 IU per day for adults

What It Does

There are often common vitamin deficiencies among people who are obese or struggling to lose weight. Vitamin D plays a larger role in regulating fat stores than most people realize. Studies have shown a greater loss of body fat when supplementing with vitamin D and calcium, compared to those who do not take any supplements while dieting.

How To Get More

– Eggs
– Tuna
– Salmon
– Milk
– Cheese
– Cereals

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Vitamin B

How Much You Need

2.6 micrograms for women
2.8 micrograms for men

What It Does

Vitamin B is important for metabolism, energy and controlling your appetite. Vitamin B is also important for maintaining blood health, and can reduce the risk of having a stroke.

How To Get More

– Red Meats
– Beans
– Sardines
– Salmon

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