Mediterranean Diet Benefits – Top 5 Reasons To Start

Five Mediterranean diet benefits

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The Mediterranean diet isn’t just a weight loss diet, it’s a powerful quality of life diet as well. In addition to removing many of the processed foods causing health problems, it also introduces protective foods for your brain and heart. Here’s a quick list of Mediterranean diet benefits you should know.

Brain Health

There aren’t many illnesses scarier than those of the brain. You don’t really think about life without the ability to speak, reason, or recall memories until it happens to you or a loved one. Brain diseases, like Alzheimer’s, are also challenging to treat.

This makes protecting your brain from cognitive decline incredibly important as you age. Fish, which is a cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet, has shown a direct link to reducing the risk of brain disease.

It’s Good For Your Heart

If you have a genetic history of heart disease, or stroke, the Mediterranean diet may have been recommended by your physician for its heart health benefits. Foods like seafood, nuts, and olive oil are high in omega-3s which have been linked to reduced risk of heart disease.

The Mediterranean diet also provides many antioxidant rich foods found in fresh fruit and vegetables.

Anxiety And Depression

While anxiety and depression are strongly linked to genetics and hormone balance, the food you eat also plays a large role in your mood. Some foods can help reduce the anxiety you experience and others can make you feel more nervous.

Foods like kale, spinach, and eggs found in the Mediterranean diet have shown to help reduce the feeling of anxiety and depression.

Risk Of Cancer

Many of the processed foods, additives, and chemicals found in the typical diet are not found in the Mediterranean diet. Large studies of people following the Med diet have shown a reduced risk of colon, breast, and gastric cancer.

Longer Life

All the benefits listed above contribute to arguably the greatest benefit any diet can offer. A reduced risk of cancer, heart and brain disease, translates into a longer average life span for those following the Mediterranean diet.

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