Low Carb Dieting Guide

low carb dieting guide

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If you’re trying to lose a few pounds, one of the best ways to influence body fat is by restricting carbs. If you’ve never been on a low carb diet, or maybe you’ve tried it without much success there’s some basic concepts and rules you’ll want to follow to lose the most weight.

How much, and how quickly, you lose weight will be determined by the type of low carb plan you follow. Here’s a quick low carb dieting guide for all levels of dieting experience.

Why Low Carb?

If the basic concept of weight loss is to reduce calories, and create a calorie deficit, why should you then switch your diet to low carbohydrates as well? Is it even necessary to lose weight?

While it’s not necessary for weight loss, it’s a common practice because it’s an efficient and effective way to increase the loss of body fat.

If you reduce your total calories per day by a significant margin, you’re going to lose weight. But certain foods (carbohydrates) can slow your progress because of the way it influences insulin, blood sugar, and metabolism.

The combination of reducing calories and reducing certain carbohydrates will help you lose weight much faster than simply reducing total calories per day.

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How Many Carbs Per Day

Not all low carb diets are the same. Some are very strict, requiring you to stay as close to zero grams per day as possible, and others are more liberal with the type and amount of carbs allowed.

There are certain thresholds of carbs per day that will define the type of low carb diet plan you’re following. The more you’re able to consistently restrict carbs, the more consistently you’ll be able to lose body fat.

0-20 Grams Per Day

Weight Loss: Rapid

This ultra strict 20 gram threshold is what you’ll experience with diets like Atkins or Ketosis. The weight loss is very rapid, but it’s also very challenging to follow for long periods of time.

20-50 Grams Per Day

Weight Loss: Moderate

This is a very manageable and effective low carb plan that can help you lose several pounds per month. The weight loss isn’t rapid, but it’s a sustainable goal for most lifestyles.

50-80 Grams Per Day

Weight Loss: Slow

This is often the carb plan recommended by health professionals for long term weight loss or management. There’s no rapid, or even significant weight loss, but the ease of use makes it worth doing if you aren’t in a hurry to lose weight.

Over 80-100 g per day

Weight Loss: Minimal

When you cross into 80-100 grams of carbs per day you’re essentially in a maintenance, or carb equilibrium, phase. It will neither cause significant weight gain or loss. Over the course of 6-12 months, however, you should notice a reduction of overall body fat.

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Carbs To Eliminate

Not all carbs are equal when it comes to weight loss, and not all carbs will need to be completely eliminated. You’ll still be eating a small amount of carbs each day, but you’ll want to reduce the carbs known to directly influence insulin and blood sugar.

Bad Carbs

– Sugar
– Refined Grains
– White rice
– White bread
– Juice
– Soda
– Foods cooked with white flour

Carbs You Can Still Eat

Carbs considered “less bad” while dieting are slow digesting, whole grains. These foods are less likely to spike your insulin, or influence blood sugar.

Good Carbs

– Whole grain rice
– Sweet potatoes
– Oatmeal
– Whole wheat bread
– Quinoa
– Most vegetables
– Fruit

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