Losing Weight Without Exercise

lose weight without exercise

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Written by Healthoria.com – If my goal is losing weight without exercise it doesn’t mean I’m full-on, all the way lazy. Sometimes I have a legitimate excuse for not exercising… like work, family or Netflix.

Maybe I have a medical condition. A family genetic history that instills an exercise barrier. Maybe my ancestors were deeply against sweat. They probably had rituals and stuff to keep it away.

You don’t know. Don’t judge me, bro.

If you fall into this awkward, yet noble, category of humans wanting to lose weight without exercising, (and feel completely fine with that decision no matter how many people tell you it’s wrong) — what can you do?

I’m not going to say it’s the easy way, because it’s really not. It’s actually harder, and takes a bit longer.

Because there isn’t much cardio (none really, haha) it means the calorie deficit will need to come from diet alone. That means your diet will have to carry all of the weight loss burden.

If losing weight without exercise is your goal, here’s what you can do:

Liquid Diets

I’ve had the most success when I incorporate more liquid meals. Either soups or protein shakes. There are two primary reasons for it’s effectiveness:

1 – Water helps you feel full
2 – Calorie precision

The first has actually been studied and scientifically proven. When people have more water in their diet, it reduces the amount of food they eat. You’re literally full. Your belly can’t take anything else, and you actually feel satisfied with the amount of food you ate.

The second, is more of a personal observation especially with protein shakes. When I prepare a healthy meal, say chicken and vegetables, I don’t know with a high degree of precision how many calories I’m eating.

You’re really kind of guesstimating. So if I say I’m eating a meal that has 400 calories in it, that’s just an estimate. I don’t know EXACTLY how many calories I’m eating. This probably leads to misjudging my calorie intake.

When I drink a protein shake, however, I know the exact calories I’m getting.

When you’re only using diet, no exercise, you have to be very diligent because being off by 50-100 calories can derail your weight loss.

Protein Shake Tips

– Low, low carbs or forget it
– Low, low sugar or forget it
– Use vanilla powder and add fruit
– Use a blender, not the shake bottle (the whipped air makes you feel full)

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Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting (IF) is short term fasting where you have a mini-fast each day. When most people think of fasting they have an image of some impaired person near death, refusing to eat for a personal or political reason.

This isn’t an extreme fast. The basic philosophy of IF is to influence your natural growth hormones in a short burst each day, and introduce a well defined structure to manage your calorie intake.

You separate each day into two large blocks of time.

1 – Eating (usually 8-10 consecutive hours)
2 – No Eating (14-16 consecutive hours)

I’ve had the most success with the following IF schedule:

10 am – 6 pm : Eat all my daily calories
6 pm – 10 am (next day) : Fasting. No food, only trace calories from drinks.

This is just what worked out best for me and my schedule. The time of day for your fast and food intake doesn’t seem to have an impact. So if you’re a night person and would like to eat all your calories at midnight, that’ll work too.

All you have to do is be firm with your eating and no eating time frames and you’ll get the benefits of short term fasting.

Intermittent Fasting Tips

– Build up a fasting tolerance. Start with 8 consecutive hours, and increase from there.
– Make sure your meals are big enough to satisfy you
– Drink lots of water throughout the day

Intermittent Fasting Resources

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All-Day Fasting

The first time you try a full day fast, it feels like you might die and stuff — and you’ll only be half way through the day, lol.

The truth is, fasting is a very psychological challenge. There are things you can do to help suppress your hunger while fasting, but you’ll still “think” about food and the fact that you’re not eating.

If you were to eat normally six days per week, and fast one day you’d reduce you’re calorie intake by 15%. That’s a substantial reduction, considering you’re only on a diet one day per week.

Is it dangerous?

While a full day fast is definitely not an optimal diet choice, keep in mind it’s something that’s done everyday by millions of people for:

– Surgery
– Religion
– Detox

What you’ll need:

– Green Tea
– Caffeine Pills
– Lemons for your water

Full Day Fasting Tips

– Drink water all day long, don’t skimp
– Your first meal after a fast should be small (or you’ll get a tummy ache)
– Don’t full day fast with a medical condition, like Diabetes

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Lose weight without exercise

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