Losing Stomach Fat – 5 Rules To Follow

losing stomach fat

Trying to lose stomach fat isn’t rocket science, but it doesn’t obey the simple common sense solutions that seems obvious. Follow these five tips for losing stomach fat to get back into shape and drop a few pounds without feeling miserable.

1 – You Can’t Spot Reduce

Obviously your focus is currently on your stomach and losing belly fat. Most aren’t even obsessed with seeing their abs, they just want to be flatter and look healthier.

It’s important to remember that it’s not possible to spot reduce unless you’re using some type of surgery. If you’re going the way of diet and exercise then you’ll have to focus on reducing your overall body fat to see a difference on your stomach.

Does that mean it’s hopeless? No, not at all. It just means you’ll notice your thighs and arms getting leaner along with your mid section.

2 – It Takes Weeks To Notice Anything

When you have more than 20 lbs to lose you’ll want to picture the journey of weight loss like being on a large cruise ship in the ocean. Your body adapts slowly, over time, and won’t dart back and forth like a speed boat.

It’s like a cruise ship that takes slow deliberate turns. But once you get it turned in the right direction it’s equally hard to turn back the other way. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results in the first two weeks.

That’s very normal. You may not see noticeable inches gone from your stomach until you’re well into the second month.

3 – You Can’t Starve It Off

You’re overweight because you ate too much. So, obviously all you have to do is the complete opposite and starve yourself until you’re thin. Right?

No. Don’t do that. Your body is incredibly efficient at managing and preserving resources. It has built in mechanisms (hormones) to prevent it from running completely out of energy.

If you cut your calories by too much, too quickly, your body will go into a panic mode. If this happens your metabolism will slow, and you’ll start releasing hormones that increase the storage of fat.

Starving isn’t the answer.

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4 – Sit-ups & Crunches Build Muscle

Common sense doesn’t always work out for you when you’re on a diet. If you want sexy abs you should be doing hundreds of sit-ups right? While this can’t be classified as “bad” for you, it just isn’t going to accomplish what you want.

If you’re already lean, without a lot of body fat, then doing hundreds of sit-ups will get those abs to pop out. But if you have a layer of belly fat covering your mid-section it doesn’t really matter how many sit-ups you do because no one will see them.

They’ll be there. Your abs will be very strong, but the body fat will prevent them from being seen. If you’re going to exercise, you’d be better served by getting in a cardio session to get rid of the belly fat.

Once that’s gone, then all that ab work will start to pay off.

5 – Simple Carbohydrates Are Evil

Okay, so “evil” might be too strong of a word. But they are the single most damaging food source when it comes to dieting and losing belly fat. All the sugar in these types of food plays havoc with your insulin which has a direct influence on weight management.

Cut back on these foods

– Donuts
– Cake
– Ice Cream
– Cookies

If all you do is reduce these types of food by half the amount as you usually eat, you’ll be on your way to a flatter stomach.

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