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by Healthoria.com – It’s always better to have a concrete, well defined, goal. The more specific your weight loss goal the easier it is to plan the steps to get there. If your goal is to lose 10 pounds in the next thirty days, you’ll need a plan for each of the following:

  • Calorie Deficit
  • Calorie Content
  • Efficient Exercise

Calorie Deficit To Lose 10 Pounds

Everyone knows where the finish line is, because a 10 pound goal is very specific. But most people don’t spend a lot of time finding the staring line, and that’s usually the stumbling block on most diets.

It’s rarely enough to just “eat better” or cut back on dessert if you’re trying to hit a specific weight loss goal.

It’s All About The Math

When you get all mathy on your 10 pound goal, here’s the needed calorie deficit to get there.

Month: -35,000 Calories
Week: -8,750 Calories
Day: -1,166 Calories

I know, I know. Most people freak out when they see that last number. When you think about trying to create a daily deficit of 1,100 calories it can seem really intimidating.

If all 1,100 calories were to come from meals, you’d have every right to freak out. But it won’t. You’ll be combining a calorie deficit from food, as well as a calorie deficit from exercise.

The monthly deficit is also far more important than the daily deficit. It’s unlikely, and very unusual to have a consistent daily calorie deficit. Some will be much larger than others, especially on your workout days.

Starting Calories

For most people to lose 10 pounds, regardless of starting weight, a daily calorie deficit of 300-500 calories is usually needed. The more precise, and honest, you are with your pre-diet calories the more likely you are to achieve your goal.

So, how much are you eating everyday? Normally. Not when you’re trying to be extra special good.

When you know your starting calories you’ll know how large of a deficit you can create from food and how much can come from exercise. Take a few days, if needed, to get a good estimate of your pre-diet calorie consumption.

Example Starting Calories:

Normal Eating: 2,500 calories

If you’re eating 2,500 calories, and want to lose 10 pounds you can safely reduce your calories by 500-700 each day without causing problems. In this case you could reduce your daily calories from food by 700, and have a quick workout that burns 400 calories.

That would get you to a daily deficit of 1,100 and easily get to a 10 pound weight loss in a month.

If you’re struggling with such a large calorie deficit from food, it’s better to give yourself more to eat and reach the needed deficit through exercise.

Bare Minimum Calories

There’s a calorie threshold for both men and women, that you really shouldn’t go under. If your calories are already low, you’ll need to create a larger deficit from exercise.

Minimum Calories For Men: 1,500
Minimum Calories For Women: 1,200

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Calorie Content – What To Eat

Creating such a large deficit of 300-500 calories seems ridiculous to most people. But most people that are overweight have a diet consisting of foods that result in subsequent hunger soon after meals. When you clean up your diet, and add most of the foods on this list, you’ll feel full for longer periods after each meal.

You won’t be starving. Your belly shouldn’t be grumbling either. When you add high fiber, slow digesting foods to your meals it changes your “need” to keep eating.

Picture this:

220 calories from 1 snickers bar
220 calories from broccoli

Do you know how much broccoli you’d have to eat to match that one tiny snickers bar?

7 cups.

You’d have to eat 7 cups of broccoli to get the same calories from one candy bar. Trust me, if you eat 7 cups of broccoli you won’t be hungry for a while.

Calorie Sources

Ideally you’d want to allocate your daily calories to 70% protein/20% Carb/10% Fat.

Recommended Protein

Skinless Chicken
Lean Beef

Recommended Carbs

Brown Rice
Whole Wheat Bread
Whole Fruit
Whole Vegetables

Recommended Snacks

Popcorn (No butter)
Popsicle (Sugar Free)
Beef Jerky

Full list of low calorie snacks

Food To Avoid

The list of foods you wouldn’t want to eat if you’re trying to lose 10 pounds is pretty extensive, but can usually be identified by how your body digests them. Food that is broken down and digested rapidly has a strong correlation to a rise in insulin.

That’s bad.

When your insulin spikes, it causes a chain reaction with other hormones resulting in greater fat storage. The recommended food list above includes food that digests slowly, and the list below consists mostly of foods which digest quickly.

Foods to avoid:

High Sugar Foods
Foods Cooked With White Flour
Ice Cream
Fruit Juice
White Rice
White Bread
Fast Food
Fried Food
Potato Chips
Canned Fruit (Added Sugar)

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Exercise To Lose 10 Pounds In A Month

Long term weight loss goals should include a wide variety of exercises, including forms of resistance training. But a short term goal should focus on the most efficient exercises for weight loss. So, if you’re going to the gym opt for cardio over heavy weights.

You don’t need to exercise for several hours everyday to lose a few pounds, but you do need to consistently elevate your heart rate to burn off unwanted pounds. Exercising four times per week is the goal.

More is great, but not mandatory. Completing each of the following workouts once per week will get you to the promised land.

Cardio Workout #1

Cardio Workout #2



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