Why Long Distance Relationships Don’t Last

long distance relationships don't last

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by Healthoria.com – Most people aren’t going to have that fairytale love story, where they met their soul mate during second grade recess and they’ve been together ever since. For 99% of the population, falling in love and finding the right person is actually kind of hard.

When you factor in distance, and spending time apart, it can make maintaining a healthy relationship nearly impossible. Here’s why most long distance relationships don’t last.

There’s A Lot Of Work Involved

When you think about a long distance relationship there are the obvious struggles of traveling to be together. You have to consider the time and money you’ll need to invest just to see one another.

There are also other, not so obvious, things that are going to require a lot of effort. Your schedules aren’t always going to line up, making it inconvenient to communicate.

When you have to start scheduling appointments to have a 15 minute conversation with your significant other, you’ll know how hard it’s really going to be.

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You’ll Want To Be In A Normal Relationship

Often, it isn’t about the person you’re with that causes the relationship to end. It isn’t because they’re a bad person, or you don’t want to be with them anymore. Many long distance relationships end because you want a sense of normal.

You’re going to be surrounded by other couples doing very normal things you’re going to miss and want to experience. Very normal tasks like going shopping, sitting down and having a meal together, or just the simple act of having a conversation, are going to crush your will to continue.

There isn’t always a huge blow-up fight that fractures the relationship. It’s the minor, often mundane, relationship activities you realize you don’t want to live without anymore.

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It Weakens Your Bond

People do grow apart, and spending too much time apart is one of the leading causes of divorce. You’ll both feel a disconnection as if you don’t really know each other anymore. And to an extent, it’s actually true.

You’re going to have life experiences during your relationship they aren’t part of. Not only are they not there to share the experience, but they’re a noticeably missing part of your life.

Good moments are going to feel hollow, and bad moments are going to feel exaggerated because you’ll often feel alone.

Are Long Distance Relationships Worth Trying?

The answer for most people will be, yes. If you have a special someone in your life, and you’ll need to spend time apart, it’s worth trying.

While the failure rate is high, there are couples who persevere and maintain the relationship until they can reunite. You won’t know if you’re one of the lucky few, if you don’t even try.

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