Leg Workouts For Bigger Quads

Leg workouts for bigger quads

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Leg Day!!!

Okay, so not everyone is super enthusiastic about leg day because squats are usually a love it or hate it movement. Some people salivate, counting down the hours until they can punish their quads again – and other people just kind of do them because it’s required.

If you want bigger quads, and legs that draw eyeballs to your lower half, there’s certain exercises and routines that are mandatory.

Yeah, that means lots of squat variations.

But the rewards of squatting heavy ass weight are obvious every time you put on a pair of shorts. Here’s some inspiration on your journey for bigger quads, and a list of the best leg workouts for adding mass.

Leg Goals

Put in the time and you’ll see the results.

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Leg Workouts For Bigger Quads

Workout #1

Workout #2

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Workout #3

Workout #4 (Science based training)

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workouts for bigger legs

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