Kettlebell Workouts For Arms – Great For Toning

kettlebell workouts for arms

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by – If you want to tone your arms, you’ll need to burn off the fat and build a little muscle. This makes kettlebell training ideal for anyone who wants a lean and athletic physique.

In addition to working your arms and shoulders, you’ll also get a tighter core as your abs work to stabilize your body as you swing the kettlebell back and forth.

Why Use Kettlebells?

If you’ve never tried a kettlebell workout one of the first questions is always what’s different compared to a dumbbell. A ten pound weight, is just a ten pound weight, right? Not exactly.

The kettlebell is designed and intended to be used for specific workouts that dumbbells can’t replicate. Or at least it isn’t a good idea to try and swing a dumbbell over your head like you would a kettelbell.

Here’s the main benefits of using kettlebells during your workouts.

Improves Grip

The handle on kettlebells are going to be thicker than standard dumbbells. This improves your gripping strength, and helps tone your forearms through repetitive use.

Reduces Workout Time

Adding additional weight to any exercise will increase the intensity. You’ll reach your desired state of fatigue much faster allowing you to shorten your workouts.

Combines Strength And Cardio

Using kettlebells allows you to bridge the two primary exercise disciplines. Most conventional workouts are either cardio to burn fat, or resistance training to build muscle.

Kettlebell workouts will keep your heart rate elevated (to burn fat) and offer weighted resistance (to build muscle) for the entire workout.

Here’s a quick list of the best kettlebell workouts for arms.

Kettlebell Workouts For Arms

Workout #1

Workout #2



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