Kettlebell Workouts For Beginners

kettlebell workouts for beginners

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by – Kettlebell workouts are a fun and effective way to combine resistance training and cardio. Not all kettlebell workouts are intended for beginners, however, and some can be challenging enough to discourage you from continuing.

If you’re new, and want to start utilizing kettlebells, here’s a quick list of workouts that are great for beginners.

Kettlebell Tips For Beginners


Like all resistance training, form is important to correctly stress the intended muscle group. As most will learn pretty quickly, kettlebell form is also important to prevent bumping your shins and legs with a swinging weight. If you’re struggling to maintain good form, it’s usually a sign to lower the weight you’re using.


Everyone will reach a point where they feel comfortable working with kettlebells. While this comfort zone makes your workouts easier, you’ll need to constantly progress and incrementally increase the weight you’re using to see continued results.


Kettlebell workouts are a combination of strength and endurance, but it isn’t intended to be used with excessively heavy weight. Unless you’re a strongman competitor, you shouldn’t be trying to use the heaviest kettlebell in the room. Your goal is to find the right weight allowing you to reach 10-12 reps with each exercise.

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Kettlebell Moves For Beginners

While there are some challenging moves you can do with a kettlebell, beginners should try to master some exercise staples before moving to more advanced workouts. You’ll see most of these exercises in the workouts below.

Overhead Press
Front Squats

Kettlebell Workouts

Workout #1

Workout #2



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kettlebell workouts for beginners
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