Ketogenic Sweets – What You Can Eat On Keto

Ketogenic sweets

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by – There are obvious things you’re going to miss on a keto diet, like bread and pasta, but it’s the sweet stuff that you really start to crave after a few weeks on keto. Instead of crashing, and ruining weeks of diligent dieting, budget some ketogenic sweets into your meal planning.

You won’t be able to swallow a barrel of ice cream in one sitting, unfortunately, but there are some ways to satisfy a sugar craving on the ketogenic diet.

Allowed Ketogenic Sweets

The goal of a ketogenic diet is to get your body into ketosis, where you begin to break down body fat at an accelerated rate. To do this, you’ll need to keep your daily carb consumption very low.

While the keto diet is an extreme carb restriction diet, it isn’t a zero carb diet. You’re typically allotted 20-30 grams of carbohydrates per day while still achieving ketosis.

How you choose to use those carbs are entirely up to you, and you aren’t required to eliminate sugar or sweets. So if you want to use your daily carb budget to satisfy your sweet tooth, it’s perfectly fine and won’t hurt your diet progress.

Here’s some things you can do:

Quick Ketogenic Sweets

12g carbs per ¾ cup

Honeydew Melon
15g carbs per cup

11g carbs per cup

13g carbs per cup

14g carbs per medium peach

7g carbs per plum

8g carbs per kiwi

Recipes For Ketogenic Sweets

Lemon Strawberry Cheesecake Treats (recipe from
5 net carbs per serving

Keto Vanilla Pound Cake (recipe from
23 net carbs per serving

Keto Carrot Cake With Cream Cheese (recipe from
6 net carbs per serving

Easy Keto Orange Cake Balls (recipe from

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Ketogenic sweets

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