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Keto diet tips

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The ketogenic diet is one of the more effective fat loss diets, but it’s not what most would consider “entry level”. If you’ve struggled with diet discipline on a regular eat healthy kind of diet, you probably think Keto is too hard for you. But there are ways to make the diet more manageable, and easier to follow. Here’s a quick list of the best Keto tips to make the diet easier.

#1 – The First 5 Days

By far, the most difficult aspect of the Keto diet is the first five days. Because of the drastic change in food sources, and extreme carb restriction, you’re going to experience some… “changes”. As your body adjusts to ketosis, and using keytones for energy, you’re likely to feel dizzy, lightheaded and a little sick.

Welcome to the Keto flu.

It’s the number one reason people quit the Keto diet before getting to the good stuff (fat loss). Expect it to happen in the first five days and have a plan ready.

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#2 – Don’t Exercise In The First 3 Days

The change in energy from carbs to fat (keytones) may not hit you like a ton of bricks. You may feel fine, with tons of energy to burn but it’s better to skip workouts for the first three days of the Keto diet.

You’re likely to reach fatigue, and extreme exhaustion very quickly with a lack of energy coming from carbohydrates.

This can speed up onset of the Keto flu, and make your entire day pretty miserable. The incremental gains of a 30 minute workout isn’t worth two to three days of feeling like you might need a doctor and stuff.

#3 – Use Keto Substitute Recipes

The Keto diet isn’t a test of willpower to see who can be the most miserable without carbs. At least it doesn’t need to be. If your favorite meal is spaghetti, pizza, or tacos there’s an approved keto recipe for it.

No, it won’t be exactly the same but it can get close enough to satisfy your hunger craving for a specific carb dense food without wrecking your diet.

Don’t be shocked if you prefer the keto recipe to the real thing because most keto recipes don’t come with a healthy dose of bloating or feelings of extreme shame.

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#4 – Make Sure You’re In Ketosis

If you aren’t in ketosis, what’s this all for? You’re just making yourself, your family, and probably your dog really unhappy.

The generally accepted carb threshold to get into ketosis is less than 20 grams per day, but some people are more sensitive than others. This means some people can eat more carbs, and some will need to eat less.

When in doubt, check to make sure you’re reaching the promised land of fat destruction. Keto strips, for checking ketones, are less than $10 dollars and are available at most drug stores and online.

What Is Ketosis?

When your body doesn’t have enough energy from high energy food (carbs), body fat will be broken down into keytones that your body will utilize for energy instead of glucose. The process is called ketosis, and it’s the core principle of the Keto diet.

#5 – Make An Acceptable Food List (For You)

Willpower, discipline, and giving in to temptation are often the reason for diet failure. But one thing that binds all those problems is preparation. Most people don’t break diet discipline and go on a four barrel ice cream bender five minutes after cooking a Keto dinner.

It’s when you run out of Keto food that you should be worried about. That’s when potato chips start talking to you… and you’re gonna love what those salty bastards are saying.

Be ready. Be prepared.

Always have Keto foods, and Keto leftovers to fill your cravings. Don’t let an empty cupboard “force you” into eating a bag of cookies.

Remember, you’re a fully grown adult human. If you don’t want to eat broccoli, then don’t. But make sure you have a food list, and a fridge full of Keto foods you will eat.

Here’s a quick list of Keto foods you can choose from.

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