Intermittent Fasting Before And After

intermittent fasting results

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Before starting a diet, you want some proof before investing hundreds of hours on a new weight loss plan. While the theory and science of intermittent fasting (IMF) is usually enough to convince most people, many need to see the before and after pics before giving it a go.

Realistic Goals

Before you jump to the before and after pics, it’s important to keep in mind how different everyone approaches their weight loss goals. Some exercise a lot, and others not so much. The same can be said with diet discipline and the amount and type of calories you consume.

Here’s some of the more important variables to consider.


The longer you practice intermittent fasting, the better results you can expect. Most of the before and after pics were at least six months into their diet, but some were as long as a year.

IMF is incredibly helpful when you want to lose a few pounds, but it usually takes several months to see significant changes in your body composition.


While it’s not technically required to exercise if you’re on a fasting diet, it definitely accelerates your weight loss. The intensity, and frequency, of your cardio will have a direct correlation to fat loss.

While none of the before and after pics are fitness professionals, it’s obvious they’ve all spent a lot of time in the gym.

Calorie Deficits

One of the more interesting things you’ll notice is many of the results combined intermittent fasting with the keto diet. Which is a high fat, low carb diet.

While it’s not necessary to use the keto diet, it does work incredibly well when combined with IMF.

Intermittent Fasting Before And After

Below are some of the more impressive intermittent fasting results from real people, and not fitness professionals or bodybuilders. These are everyday grinders that head off to the gym, follow an intermittent fasting diet, and exercise because they want to change their life.

Not because it’s their job and stuff.

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Weight has gone up and down over the years. This takes a toll on the mind and the body. Yet another diet started, yet another round of obsessive exercising, yet another failure. Those days are significantly reduced now with this woe and way of life. Eating nutrient-dense food, with as little interference as possible, is my main goal. Saturated fats, good quality protein and carbs from vegetables. Everything else is noise and distractions, which I get conned into. Half and hour of intensive exercise 2-4 times a week works for me now and I give it everything and change it up and keep it fresh and challenging. I struggle with emotional eating the most…when I feel an internal sense of failure, fear of the future, fear of not being able to control all of the aspects of my life (which is many things) I turn to food that isn’t my fuel to “drown” the feelings, only to be left feeling worse. Tracking my macros tends to give me more freedom than I thought and planning meals ahead is working well too…..some control ?￰゚ᄂラ? It is a journey not a destination and I need to be less hard on myself and more gentle, kind and self-forgiving. I love this ketofam and the strong and dedicated people and the support and strength I get on here everyday is unbelievable. Thank you x?￰゚リリ?￰゚リリ . . #keto #ketofam #lchf #lowcarb #lchfnz #nzketo #ketonz #ketosis #intermittentfasting #healthylifestyle #macros #hiit #bootcamp #goals #challenge #achieve #satisfying #journey

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intermittent fasting results

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