When I Feel Depressed Here’s Three Things I Do

by Healthoria.com – One of the hardest things to rationalize when you’re depressed is, “what’s the point”. That trumps everything. The solutions listed below are to help you get out of a state of depression, not solve all your problems.

That’s an important distinction.

Depression is often a chemical or hormonal imbalance that intensifies emotions beyond what most people will consider tolerable. It’s a raw, painful existence.

You don’t get out of depression by solving your problems (real or perceived).

Depression isn’t a realistic, rational processing of information or emotion. It’s a messed up state of mind, that can spiral out of control if you don’t try to do something.

So let’s do something.

Again, these are not problem solvers. This isn’t going to make you suddenly crap rainbows. But it can make the world feel less dark, and help you escape a feeling you don’t want chasing you.

Just try any one of these. It’ll help.

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Eat Something

I’m not talking about a barrel of ice cream. Sitting in a circle of friends, gobbling spoonfuls of ice cream while you giggle the pain away – that only happens in the movies.

You want to eat stuff that acts as a natural anti-depressant. Eating some of the following foods can help you feel better because of the role omega 3 fatty acids play in brain function.

Eat More Of This

Seeds (Flaxseeds, sunflower, hemp)
Fish (Salmon, Mackerel, Herring, Sardines)
Eggs (Omega 3 Enriched)
Fish Oil Supplements

Express Your Emotions Constructively

Some of the most talented, and recognized, artists in the world have struggled with depression. Instead of balling up, and letting their emotions cannibalize their soul – they channeled all that pain constructively.

They wrote a song, drew a picture, wrote a story, a poem – everyone can do something. You’re not looking for beauty (although that happens sometimes), you’re looking for peace.

With yourself, with the world, and with your emotions.

Try to express what you’re feeling in a tangible way. You may be surprised how well you can convey pain, love, hatred, remorse, and every other emotion imaginable.

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Talk To Someone

Of all the suggestions, this one is probably the hardest to do but it’s also the most helpful. Not only do you feel like the world is caving in on your forehead, you also don’t want to burden anyone else with your problems.

You don’t want to bother anyone, I know.

I promise you, with 100% certainty people want to help. They don’t want to feel sorry for you. They don’t want fix all your problems for you, either.

What they do want, is for you to feel better.

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