I Can’t Lose Weight – 3 Huge Mistakes People Make

can't lose weight

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by Healthoria.com – It can be incredibly frustrating if you’re following a steady diet, exercising three times a week and still can’t lose weight. If this dieting nightmare sounds familiar you may be making some less than obvious mistakes that are halting your weight loss progress.

1) Removing All Sugar From Meals

There’s little debate regarding excessive sugar consumption. It’s bad for your overall health, and bad for your weight specifically. When you flood your system with sugar rich foods, you run the risk of spiking insulin levels resulting in greater fat storage.

The link between sugar, obesity, and diabetes with adults and children alike has caused the sweetener to have a massive diet bullseye on it. Fat is no longer the diet demon it used to be. It’s now sugar, sugar, sugar. You need to eliminate sugar!

While studies have proven excessive sugar in your diet results in weight gain, taking an extreme stance at the other end of the sugar spectrum also has its draw backs.

When someone tries to adopt a zero sugar diet it leads to binge eating, and the elimination of healthy sugar sources like whole fruit. Sugar found from unprocessed whole fruit can aid in digestion, provides much needed vitamins, but more importantly aids the weight loss process.

Apples and bananas help you feel full longer, while fruit like berries are fiber rich and provide antioxidants which reduce your cancer risk.

If you’re going to eliminate sugar, your attention should always start with processed food with added sugar. Leaving healthy sugar sources in your meal planning will help you lose more weight and make the dieting process more manageable.

2) Eating one single food

Gimmick diets always sound like a magic bullet. It’s a genius new idea that sounds so simple it has to work. Just eat bananas for the next 21 days and you’re guaranteed to lose 50 pounds! Or potatoes… just potatoes. Nothing else.

This type of gimmick has been tried with every food imaginable from avocados to grapefruit to lemons. Yes, lemons. Imagine how miserable you’d be eating nothing but lemons for several weeks.

While some of these diets have been able to help people lose weight over a short period of time they all seem to have the same problem:

Not sustainable long term behavior

The largest flaw in a “one food” gimmick diet is that it’s just so damn hard to follow. Eating one food for an extended period of time requires an incredible amount of discipline that most will find impossible. It actually requires far less discipline to just eat a healthier more balanced diet.

Doesn’t improve eating habits

The other problem with a single food diet is what happens when the diet ends. Let’s say you’ve got military grade discipline and you survive the 21-day all banana super diet. What do you think will happen when that diet ends?

You’re going to gain all that weight back, and probably more. Because the banana diet didn’t change the way you normally eat. Once this gimmick diet ends you’ll go back to all the bad eating habits that caused you to be overweight in the first place.

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3) Skipping Meals

This seems like the easiest way to cut back on calories and drop a few pounds. If you need to slash your daily calories by 500, why not just skip breakfast and eat normally the rest of the day.


On the surface this kind of makes sense, but it’s proven to back fire for most dieters. So what went wrong with the no breakfast plan?

It can lead to overeating on your next meal. If you skip breakfast you start to believe you have “extra” calories to consume over the course of the rest of the day. It also leads to binge eating, snacking on small amounts of food to ease your grumbling tummy.

While it may not seem like a big deal to munch on a few crackers, this grazing type of behavior can add up to more calories compared to just eating a regular breakfast.

It can also have a negative impact on your metabolism, and leave you feeling sluggish and irritable.

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