How To Use Protein Powder For Weight Loss

protein powder for weight loss

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by – There are so many protein powder variants, and they all kind of look the same, which makes it a more difficult choice than it needs to be. Even though they all ship in the same shaped cylindrical container, they can be very different and intended for different uses.

Here’s how to use protein powder for weight loss, and which products you want to avoid.

Which Protein Powder Is For You?

Low Carb

If you’re on a calorie restrictive diet, and trying to shed unwanted body fat this is what you want. A high carb protein drink is counterproductive to a weight loss plan. If you’re trying to lose weight you want to look at the carb and sugar content first. Don’t pick the powder based on the calories or fat. It’s the carbs that matter.

Weight Gainer

For athletes and bodybuilders trying to pack on muscle mass. The serving portion will be ridiculously large with a huge amount of calories coming from carbohydrates. This is designed and intended to make you gain weight, which is a nightmare if someone on a diet chooses this powder.

With Supplements

Some protein powder now comes with specific amino acids or creatine pre-mixed into the product. It’s a convenience and intended to boost performance and muscle recovery. This is the best option for athletes, but you don’t need to pay the extra cost if you’re just a dieter.

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When To Take Your Protein Drink

Muscle Recovery

Studies have shown an increase in muscle recovery when drinking a protein shake within 1-2 hours after weight training or vigorous exercise. It’s important to note, there isn’t a significant increase in muscle growth just recovery.

This does, however, have an indirect influence on muscle growth. You’ll be less sore in the subsequent days allowing you to work a specific muscle group more often. It’s through this increased workload that increases muscle size.

Meal Replacement

This is the best option for those trying to shed unwanted body fat. It takes a few days to get acclimated to a liquid meal, but you’ll begin to accept it as quite normal. Using a protein powder as a meal replacement gives you greater control and accuracy when it comes to calorie management.

You can sweeten the drink to taste by blending in your favorite fruit. You may find it more practical to choose a vanilla or unflavored powder and use fruit or Greek yogurt to add the flavor.

Just don’t ruin the benefits of a liquid meal by adding sugar or milk.

Weight Loss Tips

– Never add sugar
– Use a blender, not the shaker bottle
– Only replace one meal per day
– Take a fiber supplement with the shake (makes you feel fuller)

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Bulking – Adding Muscle Mass

Strictly for bodybuilders and athletes trying to add muscle mass. A typical weight gainer diet plan calls for a calorie surplus of up to 150% of your normal calorie range. That’s why the serving portion on these are so massive.

When bulking you’re trying to overeat to add body weight. Not intended for dieters.


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Protein powder for weight loss

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